Take It Off: Why Going Braless is Better

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Ever Thought About Going Braless?

We all have our own relationship with our lady lumps. Sometimes it's a positive experience, and sometimes, well, let's just say things get a little complicated. It's safe to say that every woman has had a negative experience with a bra, either the insane poking of the underwire, or a bunch of boob slippage. We have all dealt with a boob-load of bra troubles.

That's why many millennial women are saying "no thanks" to bras in general. More and more women are ditching their bras and opting out for the more "freeing" experience of going "un-cupped". As it turns out there are some serious benefits to going braless! Here are the reasons why millennials are permanently unhooking their bras and why they're winning the tits game.

Going Braless Is A Money Saver

Let's all just admit it. Bras are hella expensive. Women are constantly negotiating with themselves on what kind of bra to get. Either we spend a good $200 on bras that actually fit well and are more upscale OR we forego that for a cheap bra that will harm us or wear out after a month or so. Then we are back to the store, negotiating all over again. It's seriously stressful on our pocketbooks in a totally unnecessary way. A recent study on women's consumer spending found that women might spend up to 4,000 dollars in their lifetime. In addition to the other numerous things women are already spending on (beauty products, period products, hair products), that's a hell-of-alot of money. By going braless, you're helping your pocket book, and freeing up that dough to spend on more important things (like that trip to Cabo you've always wanted).

Going Braless Encourages The Growth Of Healthy Breast Tissue

According to a very revealing French study that was conducted over a course of 15 years, there are zero long-term benefits to wearing a bra every day. AND they may actually be harmful to your breasts. Women that did not use bras over the span of 15 years seemed to come out on top, developing more muscle tissue which helps to create natural support. When bras were worn, the restrictive material prevented women from growing tissue. So when you wear your bra, you might actually be helping those jugs sag faster. Let those puppies loose and they'll stay perkier than you after 10 cups of your morning coffee.

Going Braless Makes You Stronger

Every girl needs a little spring in their step, a little way to feel just a "bit" more confident with their body. When women go bra-less they embrace a whole new confidence. It's the same kind of ballsy attitude that comes with going against societal expectations, and embracing what's comfortable and exciting to them. It's empowering, to say the least, to let your freak flag fly a little and let the breasts be free. Oh yeah, there's also the fact that it:

Going Braless Will Make You Feel Like a Powerhouse

There's nothing better than getting to be your own boss. Taking charge of your breasts and choosing to wear a bra (or not) on your own will get you pumped at how freeing it is. Getting yourself off of the dependence of the "support" a bra gives you will win you back the freedom you had that comes without having to rely on a bra.

Going Braless Makes Your Nipples The Best Accessories

Your two favorite gal pals don't always gotta hang, but know this: when they do they'll always bring the party. Actually, your nips can totally up the ante on your wardrobe when you let them. Plain T's, dresses, flannel, blouses totally get an extra 20 points when you break out the perky ladies and allow them to play peekaboo.

The Best Part About Wearing A Bra Is Taking It Off!

Freedom is unhooking your bra the moment you get home from work and kicking back to relax. The release = instant gratification. Get that feeling all day long by unleashing your boobs into the world of no restraints.

Going Braless Will Boost To Your Self Esteem

Women are incorrectly taught at a young age that they should alter the shape of their breasts in order for them to make a public appearance. The notion creates a mentality that suggests our boobs aren't completely jazzing without bras, that they should look like someone else's. Think about how your bra shapes your breasts and you'll realize your bras are just getting another societal makeover to look like someone else's boobs. Going braless and getting used to your natural breasts will help you to find a new love for how free they make you feel also, say "hello" to instant Foxy Town.

Going Braless Means, Bye-Bye Boob Sweat

We've all been there: hanging out on a summer day, wearing a super-thick bra that just adds way too many layers to your already hot body. The feeling of sweaty droplets seeping into your clothing is about as comfortable as getting a slow upper lip wax. The only thing worse than that feeling? Your bra creating a nice little line on your blouse that reveals your sweat trail. Oh the joys of bra wear + womanhood! Wouldn't it be great to just naturally regulate sweat and heat on your body?! Ditching your bras is the best way to start. Those puppies will be thanking you for the nice breeze.

By Going Braless, You'll Realize How Unique Boobs Are

One breast, two breast, round boob, small boob. With all of the shapes, sizes and forms of breasts in the world, Doctor Suess should have written a book on them and all of the places our boobies will go. Unhooking your bra and unleashing your tatas will make you all the more appreciative of the different types and kinds of breasts that surround you. After embracing the liberating feeling, you'll love yours the most though. Promise.

And Finally, By Going Braless You Avoid the Stress of "Finding the Perfect Bra"

Should I go designer or should I find something simple? Backless, strapless, lacy, pushup. There are legit WAY too many options for bras, and finding the "perfect one" that is also comfortable AND fits well is just way too stressful. Then once you get a bra, you have to figure out which outfits it works well with, or how to make sure your strap isn't being seen?! Mo' bras mo' problems, amiright? Losing the brads allows you to avoid the stressful routine of waking up and having to deal with what bra to wear with what top. Letting the kawangas hang loose allows women to never have to worry about accidentally wearing a racer back with their scoop back tank.

When You Go Braless, Your Natural Shape Emerges

Do your tits hang low? Do they wobble to and fro? Boobs can do the funniest things, they're practically the most multifunctional, attractive bits of your body. They're also spectacularly varied amongst women. t's common knowledge that no two boobs are the same. There generally seems to be seven common types of breasts but when women strap on their boob purses all we see is small, medium and large. Slipping on your upper skivvies contorts your breasts and shapes them into a form different from the unique set you naturally rock.

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