What Are the Best Tampons for IUD? Find Out Here!

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Can you use a tampon when you have an IUD?

What Is an IUD?

An IUD (or intrauterine device) is a small T-shaped plastic that is put into your uterus as a form of birth control. So does having an IUD mean you have to say goodbye to tampons

Planned Parenthood puts it as, " Tampons and IUDs are like next-door neighbors. They're close, but they live in different parts of the reproductive system."

Best Tampons for IUDs

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Having an IUD shouldn't affect your choice of tampons. Below is a list of top-rated tampons that have shown to be most comfortable and absorbent:

• Tampax Pearl Lites

• U by Kotex Security tampons

• Playtex Gentle Glide 360

• Tampax Radiant Regular

The strings from IUD hang down from your cervix, which causes many to women to believe it'll get stuck on the tip of the tampon. Because the tampon is only inserted into the vagina, there's no need to worry about that happening.

Other Period Product Options for IUD

Diva Cups  

Diva Cups are a small plastic menstruation cup that are inserted into your vagina to catch any menstrual fluid. The flexible rubber cups are designed to be easily inserted and removed from your vagina, so you don't have to worry about pulling out your IUD. 


A menstrual pad or a sanitary pad is placed on a woman's underwear to catch and absorb any menstrual fluid. Pads never enter the vagina, so they are definitely a safe product to use if you have an IUD.