4 TV Shows That Most Accurately Portray Depression

Jack kissing Rebecca on the cheek in an episode of This Is Us
This Is Us via NBC

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Accurately portraying mental illness on TV or in film can be tough and very sensitive, especially to viewers who are dealing with a mental health disorder. It can be very discouraging to see it depicted incorrectly or in a negative way, only further perpetuating the stigma surrounding mental illnesses and making it all the more difficult to get the proper treatment.

Getting diagnosed and seeking help can be difficult but overall rewarding in the long run. Starting a conversation about mental health and how important it is to seek help is crucial.

We understand how important it is to start this conversation and we found TV shows that tackle mental illness and depression the right way. Some of the characters from the show address their mental health and portray what it may be like living with depression.

This Is Us

NBC's This Is Us is a definite tearjerker and does a great job at portraying real life situations. From relationships, kids, work, loss, and even depression, this TV show bares it all when it comes to real life situations and even mental health.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

This spunky show—turned musical, at times— follows the life of Rebecca (played by Rachel Bloom) who follows her first love and ex-boyfriend to California. Although most of the show consists of exaggerated moments, it can get very emotional and relatable when it comes to mental illness. The show later reveals Rebecca's battle with depression, anxiety, and BPD.

BoJack Horseman

This animated series on Netflix is a comedy about a once famous '90s star BoJack who is trying to pick up his career where he left off. After his show got cancelled, 18 years later BoJack takes another try at Hollywood with the help of his agent/ex-girlfriend.

At first, this show is a TV satire, but the character BoJack is dealing with a very serious and real-life situation—depression and addiction. His character gives an honest and real portrayal of these mental illnesses.

You're the Worst

This romantic comedy TV show isn't what you would expect. Two people who have always had their doubts about love and relationships cross paths.

While the show takes you through their ups and downs, it also reveals that one of the main characters, Gretchen (played by Aya Cutler), is battling depression.

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