Quiz: Which Ivy League School Should You Attend?

Is being a student at Princeton your calling? Or are you destined to be at Brown? Take this quiz to find out!

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 Sep 17, 2018
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Question: 1/11Pick Your Answer!

Pick the word that describes you best!

Question: 2/11Pick Your Answer!

Which of these do you value most?

Question: 3/11Pick Your Answer!

What do you think you'll major in?
Journalism or Literature
Environmental Science
Undecided, but at least something you're passionate about

Question: 4/11Pick Your Answer!

It's a beautiful day and you have the day off! Which of these would you choose to do?
Share a bottle of wine over dinner with friends
Go on a scenic hike
Hit the town
Host a kickback

Question: 5/11Pick Your Answer!

It's Friday night, and you're at a party! You can be found __.
Handing out drinks
Chatting about music, world news, and making friends
Having a friendly debate about politics
Sampling things at the snack table

Question: 6/11Pick Your Answer!

Do you like city life?
I mostly tolerate it
Absolutely not
I adore it
I'd rather be in a suburb and go to the city by choice

Question: 7/11Pick Your Answer!

How would you want others to describe you?

Question: 8/11Pick Your Answer!

Which character flaw do you dislike the most when you see it in others?
Inferiority complexes or insecurity
Aimlessness in life

Question: 9/11Pick Your Answer!

What sets you apart from the crowd?
You're willing to create your own solutions to problems
You don't give up until you achieve what you want
You're fully confident in yourself and your abilities
You're willing to go above and beyond expectations

Question: 10/11Pick Your Answer!

Which of these is the most important to you in a college?
Strong curriculums
A strong network

Question: 11/11Pick Your Answer!

What was your favorite subject in high school?
Language Arts
Foreign Language
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Everybody knows that you need to have crazy smarts to get into any of the Ivy Leagues, but did you know that each of the Ancient Eight has an aura and personality of its own? Brown draws free spirits and bohemians; outdoorsy men and women want to go to Cornell; city-dwellers prefer Columbia; while those who lean more towards the preppy side are drawn to Princeton. Which Ivy League school should you go to?