Brooklyn Lingo - It's A Thing. How Many Words Do You Know?

Are you proud to be from Brooklyn? Then prove it!

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 Dec 18, 2018
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Question: 1/22Pick Your Answer!

Adults and kids alike stop into their local ______ if they're ever in need of a quick snack or drink!
7 - Eleven
Corner Store

Question: 2/22Pick Your Answer!

And after that, it's only natural to consume what you've bought while sitting on your _______ with your friends.

Question: 3/22Pick Your Answer!

"Did you see her performance on tv last night? She absolutely ______ that Grammy performance!"

Question: 4/22Pick Your Answer!

"Yeah, I'm going to the party tonight, but can you remind me what the ______ for tonight are?"

Question: 5/22Pick Your Answer!

If the weather report says it's 20 degrees outside with wind and snow, you'd say:
It's cement out there!
It's brick out there!
It's concrete out there!

Question: 6/22Pick Your Answer!

What would you say to somebody you suspect is embellishing their story?
You're kicking it!
You're dragging it!
You're pulling it!

Question: 7/22Pick Your Answer!

People used to say, "Good looking out" to say thank you, but now it's been shortened to:
Good looks!
Look out!
Good looking!

Question: 8/22Pick Your Answer!

You can sense your friend needs to vent about something going on in her life, but she seems hesitant. You want her to tell you what's wrong, so you say:
Put me on
Give me the 411
There, there

Question: 9/22Pick Your Answer!

"Oh, are you sure you want to go to THAT club? It's definitely got a reputation for being a little ______."

Question: 10/22Pick Your Answer!

Don't talk back to your mom or else she might get pretty:

Question: 11/22Pick Your Answer!

And better not say the wrong things to the wrong people, unless you're looking to get:

Question: 12/22Pick Your Answer!

Where can you get "cheez on anything you pleez"?
Roll-n-Roaster, of course
Shake Shack, of course
Burger King, of course

Question: 13/22Pick Your Answer!

And maybe, once everyone's up for it, you played a nice game of:
Stoop ball!

Question: 14/22Pick Your Answer!

When folks from Brooklyn talk about "the city," where are they referring to?
The Bronx

Question: 15/22Pick Your Answer!

Who needs Six Flags when Brooklyn has:
Cedar Rapids
Nellie Bly
Holiday World

Question: 16/22Pick Your Answer!

Childhood summers were spent running through the waters of:
Fire hydrants

Question: 17/22Pick Your Answer!

That guy has been hitting on that girl over there for a while now. He's acting really ____.

Question: 18/22Pick Your Answer!

If you want your coffee creamy and sugary, you don't need to ask for that. Just say you want it _____!
Dressed up

Question: 19/22Pick Your Answer!

Is it time for breakfast? Brooklyn has the best ______ in all of New York!

Question: 20/22Pick Your Answer!

If you want to get away from the "concrete jungle" and see some greenery, which of these is the best place to go?
Times Square
Central Park
Grand Central Station

Question: 21/22Pick Your Answer!

And if you're in the mood for a "real" jungle, you'd go to __.
The Philadelphia Zoo
The Bronx Zoo
The San Diego Zoo

Question: 22/22Pick Your Answer!

You can't ever imagine loving anywhere more than the __ State!
Key Stone
Empire | Quiz Facts

If you're here, chances are you're a Brooklyn native, enthusiast, transplant, or frequent visitor. Maybe you have friends that live there, or family, or maybe you're just among the 2.6 million people who get to call Brooklyn home! Brooklyn is the most populous borough of New York City's five boroughs, so there's definitely something about it that makes people want to stay! Famous sites here include the Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn brownstones, Brooklyn Borough Hall, Coney Island, just to name a few!! That's not even getting started on all the amazing food in Brooklyn, like one dollar pizza slices and pretzels from street vendors, fantastic bagels (due to water sourced from the Catskills Mountains), and of course, refreshing beer! It's all great as long as you can pronounce all of Brooklyn's tricky-to-pronounce street names. And yeah, there are a few tongue twisters. You'll need to know ALL of that information and then some if you want to have any chance of passing this eighteen question trivia quiz, written specifically about Brooklyn, New York. There's no sliding by if you don't know a whole lot about Brooklyn! You'll have a hard time passing the quiz, let alone acing it.

If that last bit scared you off a little bit... as in, maybe you're not as much of a Brooklyn expert as you think you are, then don't sweat it! has quizzes on dozens of U.S. cities and states. So no matter where you call home (Brooklyn or not), you can definitely take a fun quiz about your home. There really is nothing like looking back upon fun times spent in your hometown. So go ahead and start this fun quiz about Brooklyn... if you dare! Good luck!