Colorado Slang - It’s A Thing! How Many Phrases Do You Know?

Caution: For true Coloradans only!

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 Mar 29, 2019
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Question: 1/18Pick Your Answer!

"I had a pretty chill Sunday, but I climbed a 14er on Saturday!" What does that mean?
They hiked a trail that was 14 miles
They climbed a mountain with a 14,000 ft. elevation on Saturday
They climbed 14 stories

Question: 2/18Pick Your Answer!

What Denver restaurant has cliff divers, Black Bart's Cave, Mexican food, and was featured on an episode of South Park?
Casa Bonita
Rainforest Cafe
Taco Bell

Question: 3/18Pick Your Answer!

This 32-foot tall, 9000 pound bronco stands watch over the Denver International Airport. Fun fact: He crushed his sculptor to death. True story!
Oh, you mean Blue Stallion?
Oh man, Gary.
Oh, Blucifer...

Question: 4/18Pick Your Answer!

If you wanted to have a fun night out, you'd best head to:

Question: 5/18Pick Your Answer!

"Don't get caught where the I-25 and I-70 meet during rush hour. It's a total _______."
Parking lot
Cat trap

Question: 6/18Pick Your Answer!

Don't worry, that green stuff? Yeah, THAT green stuff. It's legal here! Um, what's it called again?

Question: 7/18Pick Your Answer!

And if you wanted to get some, you'd head to your local:
Bake shop
Stone Store

Question: 8/18Pick Your Answer!

If your parents grew up in Colorado, you've probably heard them refer to beer as:
Colorado champagne
Colorado punch
Colorado kool-aid

Question: 9/18Pick Your Answer!

If you move to Colorado from out-of-state, it might be best to keep that on the down low or else people might make fun of you for being a:

Question: 10/18Pick Your Answer!

Have your out-of-state friends try it, but you might want to tell them what these "oysters" are first...
Geoduck. They're not oysters, they're clams.
Sand Oysters. Oysters that live on the ocean floor!
Rocky Mountain Oysters. Don't knock it 'till you try it!

Question: 11/18Pick Your Answer!

If someone's free-spirited, environmentally friendly/aware, and open minded, they might be pretty:
Whole grain

Question: 12/18Pick Your Answer!

You can call the Denver Broncos, ______ – but only if you TRULY bleed _____ and _____.
Buckeroos ; blue; green
Ponies ; green ; gold
Donkeys ; orange ; blue

Question: 13/18Pick Your Answer!

The mountains are always to the:
TRICK question! It depends on where you are.

Question: 14/18Pick Your Answer!

Alright, say it one more time for the out-of-staters. It's not ColoRODo, it's:

Question: 15/18Pick Your Answer!

At which concert/event venue can you enjoy a great show and a beautiful view?
Rocky Amphitheater
The Gorge Amphitheater
Red Rocks Amphitheater

Question: 16/18Pick Your Answer!

In Colorado, April showers actually means:
July heat
June monsoons
May blizzards

Question: 17/18Pick Your Answer!

Every Coloradan's other car is most likely a:

Question: 18/18Pick Your Answer!

Sure, dealing with all these transplants kinda sucks (go back to California!), but what can you say? The _____ State really is an amazing place to be.
Natural | Quiz Facts

How many 14ers have you climbed this week? Wanna hit the dispense later? Are you really from Colorado? Then here's your chance to prove it!

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