Hey Y’all - How Much Florida Lingo Do You Really Know?

You're not an official Sunshine State local until you get 100% on this quiz. No cheating!

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 Oct 21, 2018
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Question: 1/17Pick Your Answer!

Locals dread snowbird season. How come?
We don't hate snowbird season. They sing beautiful songs.
Snowbirds are birds from the north. They're loud and poop everywhere.
They're tourists trying to escape winter. They drive too slowly!!

Question: 2/17Pick Your Answer!

If you have to pick up some groceries or a sandwich or both, you’re definitely headed to:

Question: 3/17Pick Your Answer!

Okay, but what is Publix and why does everyone love it so much?
Wow, really? Publix is definitely the swankiest hotel.
You're killing me. Publix is obviously the only store you need in life.
Are you serious? Publix is the best restaurant chain in Florida.

Question: 4/17Pick Your Answer!

What does "up north" mean to a Floridian?
Literally everything north of Florida. Even the other Southern states.
New England, Canada, that area.
The North Pole

Question: 5/17Pick Your Answer!

They're cute, gentle, you can swim with them AND their Miami's NFL team! They're obviously __.

Question: 6/17Pick Your Answer!

Which bugs will make you wish it was just a cockroach?
Black widows. Ugh...
Palmetto bugs. Ugh...
Centipedes. Ugh...

Question: 7/17Pick Your Answer!

What articles of clothing are staples in Florida?
Long sleeves and leggings
Boots and puffy jackets
Shorts and flip flops

Question: 8/17Pick Your Answer!

When a Floridian says, "It'll pass," what are they referring to?
The heat
A hurricane
Unpredictable rain showers and / or dark clouds

Question: 9/17Pick Your Answer!

Lovebug season is the time for __.
Saying "I love you" to everyone
Cleaning bugs off of your car constantly

Question: 10/17Pick Your Answer!

Which of these will you NOT encounter on a Florida driving test?
Lane changing, thankfully.
Parallel parking, thank god.
Hand signals, phew.

Question: 11/17Pick Your Answer!

It isn't really the heat that's bothersome, it's mostly the __.

Question: 12/17Pick Your Answer!

Watch out! You don't want to get on a __ bad side.

Question: 13/17Pick Your Answer!

You can't call yourself a local until you're tried __ at least once.
French press coffee
Cuban coffee
German drip

Question: 14/17Pick Your Answer!

Which popular sports drink was developed in Florida?

Question: 15/17Pick Your Answer!

School kids in Florida look forward to __ days, not snow days.

Question: 16/17Pick Your Answer!

True to its name, what popular sports drink was created in Florida?

Question: 17/17Pick Your Answer!

As a local, you couldn't be more proud to live in the __!
Golden State
Orange State
Sunshine State
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While Florida may be the butt of some jokes to those who live out of the state, Florida locals know that it's actually an amazing, super entertaining, humid, and yes, sometimes crazy place. But that doesn't stop Florida locals from embracing it! Are you from the Sunshine State? Then take this quiz!

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