No, It’s Not Gibberish - It’s Florida Speak! How Many Words Do YOU Know?

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Real Florida locals only, please!

Look out, this Florida quiz will really test your knowledge on FL slang, trivia, favorite foods, and sports teams! Think you're up to the challenge?

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Are you a Florida local? Or maybe just a frequent Florida tourist who loves the state? Either way, there's a lot to love about the Sunshine State! After all, 20 million people get to call it home. Not only that, Florida is the southernmost contiguous state in the United States and overlooks the beautiful Gulf of Mexico. In this state, you will have to deal with some gators, swamps, extreme hot weather, and serious humidity, but some would say the plusses outweigh the negatives by far! Locals and tourists alike love the gorgeous beaches, nightlife, and golf courses. And of course northern snowbirds flock to this giant state come winter time to avoid the cold weather in their home states! Florida is a huge, unique state filled with a plethora of sports teams, slang, lingo, special stores, favorite foods, different cultures, and lots of style! Someone who doesn't actually live in Florida could not stand a chance of acing or even passing this comprehensive and ultimate quiz on Florida state trivia and facts. Seriously, you need to be a genuine local interested in Florida facts to get 100% on this quiz. Not just anyone can do that. And if you're not a Florida local, you're still in luck because has quizzes in dozens of genres and topics. These multi-subject long and short quizzes are just the perfect break that you need in any busy day! Drop the sudoku and hit the start button on this quiz for the perfect two minute mental escape. You won't be disappointed by's comprehensive collection of quizzes spanning diverse topics like grammar, religion, spelling, history, science and geography. So go ahead, take this quiz if you really think you're up to the challenge!

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