Aloha! Are You Hawaii Enough To Decipher All This HI Lingo? Bet Not!

Only a real Hawaiian can pass this quiz. Think you're up for the challenge?

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 Oct 28, 2018
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Question: 1/21Pick Your Answer!

If you need to use the bathroom, you'll say you need to to use the __.

Question: 2/21Pick Your Answer!

"Aloha! Howzit?" means?
"How's the weather?"
"How's the waves?"
"How are you!"

Question: 3/21Pick Your Answer!

What does it mean when your mom says she can't find "da kine"?
She can't find her purse
She can't find her keys
She can't find "the thing." What thing? That doesn't help you!

Question: 4/21Pick Your Answer!

"__ means family. And family means no one gets left behind or forgotten."

Question: 5/21Pick Your Answer!

Which of these is a popular term of endearment and respect even for those who aren't related to you?

Question: 6/21Pick Your Answer!

__ is a common hand gesture resembling the hang loose gesture, meaning thanks, greetings, or good bye.

Question: 7/21Pick Your Answer!

"Mahalo" means thank you, but "mahalo plenty" means __.
Thank you very much!
No thanks!

Question: 8/21Pick Your Answer!

This beloved Hawaiian dish consists of a hamburger patty, gravy, and egg over rice. It's __.

Question: 9/21Pick Your Answer!

When you're in Hawaii, forget left and right. You better learn __ and __.
Hula and lu'au
Makua and makai
Loco and moco

Question: 10/21Pick Your Answer!

"Go makua at the 11th stoplight," means?
Go into the bushes
Go toward the mountain
Go up the hill

Question: 11/21Pick Your Answer!

"And then after you head makua at the 11th stoplight, go makai when you reach the big mango tree."
Go towards the sea when you get to the big mango tree
Stop at the big mango tree
Go down the hill at the big mango tree

Question: 12/21Pick Your Answer!

If a local says that restaurant has "ono grinds," that means...
You shouldn't eat there. It isn't good.
You should totally eat there. They have great food!
It had okay food.

Question: 13/21Pick Your Answer!

And if a local says a restaurant had "ono grinds dat broke da mout," you should...
It was good food but too expensive!
Stay far away. It was bad food and made them sick!
Okay, you should DEFINITELY eat there. They're raving about it!

Question: 14/21Pick Your Answer!

How do Hawaiians say there's a lot of something?
"There's gnarly [things] today!"
"There's choke [insert thing] today!"
"There's hella [things] today!"

Question: 15/21Pick Your Answer!

Hawaiians don't wear flip flops, they wear __.
Slip ons

Question: 16/21Pick Your Answer!

You haven't truly partied if you've never been to a __.
Cook out

Question: 17/21Pick Your Answer!

The other 48 contiguous states are __.
The homeland
The other shore.
The mainland

Question: 18/21Pick Your Answer!

Which of these little critters are considered lucky in Hawaiian culture?
Butterflies! They're beautiful
Mosquitos! They make you itchy but they're good luck
Geckos! They're harmless and eat pests like mosquitos.

Question: 19/21Pick Your Answer!

__ are way better than regular donuts!

Question: 20/21Pick Your Answer!

This popular snack is made with spam over rice wrapped in nori. What is it?
Spam musubi! Yummy
Spam sandwich! Woohoo!
Spam sushi! Delicious

Question: 21/21Pick Your Answer!

You may visit other beaches and islands in different countries, but you know in your heart that the __ State is always the most beautiful.
Ohana | Quiz Facts

It's no secret that Hawaii is home to some of the best food, nicest people, and the most gorgeous beaches and reefs in the world. But there's something things about the Aloha State that only a local would know. Think you have what it takes to pass? Let's see what you've got!

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