Quiz: We'll Reveal How Many Kids You'll Have, Based On Your Relationship

Who said anything about kids? Um, we did. Let's find out how many you'll have.

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 Sep 24, 2018
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Question: 1/10Pick Your Answer!

Where do you and your partner plan on settling?
The city
The suburbs
Somewhere with a ton of space

Question: 2/10Pick Your Answer!

How many siblings do you have?
0 - 2
3 or 4
4 or more

Question: 3/10Pick Your Answer!

How many siblings does your partner have?
0 - 2
4 or more
3 or 4

Question: 4/10Pick Your Answer!

Do you and your partner have kids already?
Yes and we want more
We're expecting
Nope, not yet

Question: 5/10Pick Your Answer!

What do you and your partner like to do for fun?
Explore the town
Stay in and spend time together
Visit our families and friends

Question: 6/10Pick Your Answer!

How often do you and your partner cook meals?
Not often
We like to mix it up
We cook all the time

Question: 7/10Pick Your Answer!

What does an ideal weekend look like for you and your partner?
Activities, activities, and more activities
A relaxing day together, probably staying in
Doing at least one active thing, like hiking or sports

Question: 8/10Pick Your Answer!

What's you and your partner's ideal vacation?
All-inclusive tropical resort
Multi-country backpacking trip

Question: 9/10Pick Your Answer!

Do any of your friends have kids yet?
Some do, but only a few
Yes they do

Question: 10/10Pick Your Answer!

How many pets do you and your partner have?
One or two (or maybe three)
None yet, but we want one
We have a few and we definitely want more
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There's a lot you can tell from what people say about their romantic (or lack thereof) relationships. Answer our questions and we'll reveal how many kids you're destined to have. Let's play!