No It’s Not Gibberish! It’s Maryland Speak! How Many Words Do YOU Know?

True Marylanders only, please!

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 Jan 07, 2019
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Question: 1/18Pick Your Answer!

Mmm! Maryland is known nationwide for having the BEST type of which seafood?
Yeah, yeah. Laugh all you want, but we love our crabs!
It's lobsters, of course. They're the best here.
That would have to be Crawfish!

Question: 2/18Pick Your Answer!

And they're the best when they're doused with lots and lots of:
Old Bay Spice!!!
Uncle Tony's!!!

Question: 3/18Pick Your Answer!

Marylanders have an enormous amount of pride in their state. It's not uncommon to see bumper stickers or even clothing with the state flag!
Very true! We live in the best state and we know it.
False! No one would be caught dead with one of those.

Question: 4/18Pick Your Answer!

The rest of the country may pick football as the greatest sport, but Marylanders know ___ is where it's at!

Question: 5/18Pick Your Answer!

Need a drink? Maryland's favorite beer was created right here in Baltimore. It's:
Bud Light
Natty Boh
Pabst Blue Ribbon

Question: 6/18Pick Your Answer!

But it's not just called Natty Boh is it? What does Natty Boh stand for?
National Bohemian, of course! We love one-eyed Mr. Boh.
Natural Bohemian, duh.
Native Bohemian, of course.

Question: 7/18Pick Your Answer!

Which of these is a nickname for Maryland?
Mother of Presidents
America in Miniature
Old Dominion

Question: 8/18Pick Your Answer!

And why is that Maryland's nickname?
It's the birthplace of many presidents
It's actually a dominion, not a state
It has the widest terrain of landscapes and experiences all 4 seasons

Question: 9/18Pick Your Answer!

A true Marylander knows that Sallies and Jimmies refer to:
Female and male crabs!

Question: 10/18Pick Your Answer!

But how do you tell the difference?
Each sex has distinct markings on their bellies
They are different colors
Sallies are always larger than Jimmies

Question: 11/18Pick Your Answer!

"Oh, ___! You look so cute today."

Question: 12/18Pick Your Answer!

Gimme pizza! The best pizza is square shaped and it can only come from:
Duh, Ledo's
Duh, Pedro's
Duh, Tito's

Question: 13/18Pick Your Answer!

Marylanders might not know a crazy amount of broadway musicals, but if they only know one it's definitely:
Legally Blonde, took place right in Baltimore!
Wicked, took place right in Baltimore!
Hairspray, took place right in Baltimore!

Question: 14/18Pick Your Answer!

During Orioles games, fans love to shout, "____!" during the National Anthem!

Question: 15/18Pick Your Answer!

Every summer, Marylanders line up at stands on street corners to indulge in which delicious sweet treat?
Gelato, so rich and creamy!
Frozen yogurt, healthy (well, healthier) and yummy!
Snowballs, technically shaved ice but just....better!

Question: 16/18Pick Your Answer!

Forget about Lay's, if you are eating chips, you gotta be eating ____!

Question: 17/18Pick Your Answer!

DMV. What does it stand for? (And we're not talking about where you get your license!)
The tri-state region of Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia
A popular chain of gas stations
Dairy, Milk, and Vacuums

Question: 18/18Pick Your Answer!

Truly, you know in your heart that the best state in the nation is without a doubt the ___ State!
Old Line
Old Dominion | Quiz Facts

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