No It’s Not Gibberish! It’s New Orleans Speak! How Many Words Do YOU Know?

This Big Easy quiz is anything but easy. You up to the challenge?

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 Dec 12, 2018
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Question: 1/21Pick Your Answer!

If you order a po'boy sandwich, what's the absolute best way to get it?
"Animal style" with grilled onions!
"All the way" with mustard, cole slaw, and chilli!
"All dressed" with lettuce, pickles, tomatoes, and mayo!

Question: 2/21Pick Your Answer!

Go to a Saints game and what'll the crowd be roaring?
"Who dat!!!"
"Yay, Saints!"
"Where dey at!!"

Question: 3/21Pick Your Answer!

If you're lucky, a merchant will smile and say, "Y'all come back now," and give you a little something extra as thanks. What's that called?
An extra bonus
A bribe

Question: 4/21Pick Your Answer!

Around these parts, you'll hear people cheerfully greeting others with "_____!" It means, "How've you been?"
Where y'at!
What's cookin'?
Where y'been!

Question: 5/21Pick Your Answer!

Tourists line up at which famous cafe for fantastic beignets?
Cafe Du New Orleans
Cafe Du Cœur
Cafe Du Monde

Question: 6/21Pick Your Answer!

But those lines don't even compare to crowds on _______ Street!

Question: 7/21Pick Your Answer!

One of the fastest giveaways for a tourist is the way they pronounce New Orleans. How should you say it – if you don't want to be considered a tourist, that is!
New OAR-linz

Question: 8/21Pick Your Answer!

New Orleans cemeteries are eerie and hauntingly beautiful. What is it that makes them so unique?
Families spend a lot of time decorating graves
The dead are buried in above-ground mausoleums.
All the headstones are over the top and very intricate

Question: 9/21Pick Your Answer!

If you haven't seen a dear friend for a while, you might ask them:
How's ya momma an' 'em!
How dey doin'?
Who dat!

Question: 10/21Pick Your Answer!

Sure, the heat sucks but it's really the ___ that makes it unbearable!

Question: 11/21Pick Your Answer!

"Honey, can you ____ off the dishes, please? Thanks!"
Wrench (It means the same thing as wash!)

Question: 12/21Pick Your Answer!

Why do folks in New Orleans love to say, "Pinch the tail and suck the head!"?
It's a funny, raunchy phrase
It's about eating crawfish. Yum!
It's about the best way to cook catfish!

Question: 13/21Pick Your Answer!

You've probably been called ___, meaning honey or dear, as a term of endearment.

Question: 14/21Pick Your Answer!

What common French phrase meaning "let the good times roll" do Louisianians say?
"Bon appetit"
"Sacré bleu"
"Laissez les bon temp rouler"

Question: 15/21Pick Your Answer!

It's in New Orleans, but one of the city's most famous cathedrals shares a name with what other city?
Los Angeles
San Francisco
St. Louis

Question: 16/21Pick Your Answer!

Which of these cajun dishes is a spicy seafood and meat stew and is a favorite amongst locals?
Maque choux, yum!
Gumbo, yum!
Beignets, yum!

Question: 17/21Pick Your Answer!

Gators, shrimp, and even otters live down by the:

Question: 18/21Pick Your Answer!

Believe it or not, if someone eats something you cooked, you DEFINITELY want them to say "Woah, it'll make ya slap ya momma!"
False! That phrase is reserved for things that are really bad.
True! New Orleanians say that when they really like something.

Question: 19/21Pick Your Answer!

If you choose to, where in New Orleans can you go to learn about the history of voodoo?
The National Museum of Voodoo
The Historic Voodoo Museum
The New Orleans Voodoo Museum

Question: 20/21Pick Your Answer!

Which of these is a nickname for New Orleans?
New Or.

Question: 21/21Pick Your Answer!

And no matter how far you go or for how long, you know you'll always be able to come back and feel at home in the ___ State.
Tar Heel | Quiz Facts

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