Are You City-Savvy Enough To Ace This NYC Quiz? Bet Not!

Warning: Only a real New Yorker can pass this quiz. Think you have what it takes?

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 Oct 31, 2018
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Question: 1/18Pick Your Answer!

Every New Yorker knows that it's totally fine to pay __ for a slice of pizza on the streets.
50 cents

Question: 2/18Pick Your Answer!

On the other hand, paying the same amount for ___ in Chinatown is totally unacceptable!
Fortune Cookies

Question: 3/18Pick Your Answer!

A true New Yorker knows __ lines and __ routes by heart from a very young age.
Subway ; Bus
Train ; Taxi
Taxi ; Ferry

Question: 4/18Pick Your Answer!

You would never go to which location for New Year's Eve (or anytime at all, for that matter)?
Times Square
Central Park
The Statue of Liberty

Question: 5/18Pick Your Answer!

You can't stand __ walkers!!!

Question: 6/18Pick Your Answer!

What concept do New Yorkers totally not have?
How to get places quickly
Personal space
Where to get the best food

Question: 7/18Pick Your Answer!

The best breakfast is hands down the NY style __, __, and __.
Bacon, eggs, and cheese
Pizza, pasta, and sushi
Tomatoes, bacon, and cheese

Question: 8/18Pick Your Answer!

What are north and south called in NYC?
Upstate and downstate
Uptown and downtown
Left and right

Question: 9/18Pick Your Answer!

"Hey, are you guys there yet? Could you wait __ line and save a spot for us?"

Question: 10/18Pick Your Answer!

__ are corner grocery stores that have everything from beer to diapers.
Liquor Stores
7 - Elevens

Question: 11/18Pick Your Answer!

And if you're lucky, what lives at your closest bodega?
A bearded dragon
A cat
A hamster

Question: 12/18Pick Your Answer!

The best way to drink coffee is "regular," meaning __.
Filled with sugar and cream

Question: 13/18Pick Your Answer!

You avoid places Times Square and the Empire State Building like the plague, but you've been to __ 1,000 times over.
Museum of Great Paintings (MOGP)
Museum of Abstract Art (MOAA)
Museum of Modern Art (MOMA)

Question: 14/18Pick Your Answer!

An angry, "Hey, __!" can be heard when someone (inevitably) almost gets hit by a car.
I'm crossing here!
I'm walking here!
I'm running here!

Question: 15/18Pick Your Answer!

When you're on the go like New Yorkers usually are, you'll eat your pizza __.
Cut into pieces
With a fork

Question: 16/18Pick Your Answer!

If you want to get away from the "concrete jungle" and see some greenery, which of these is the best place to go?
Balboa Park
Golden Gate Park
Central Park

Question: 17/18Pick Your Answer!

And if you're in the mood for a "real" jungle, you'd go to __.
The San Diego Zoo
Philadelphia Zoo
The Bronx Zoo

Question: 18/18Pick Your Answer!

You can't ever imagine loving anywhere more than the __ State.
Empire | Quiz Facts

It's true, New York City never sleeps. But with all the amazing food, culture, and landmarks, how can you? It's easy to get caught up in all the hustle and bustle of the city – unless you're a native, that is. Think you have what it take to prove you're really from New York City? Let's see!

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