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I'm walkin' here!!

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 Dec 17, 2018
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Question: 1/25Pick Your Answer!

If you're feeling snacky, thirsty, or lucky, where would you go to find a snack, a drink, or a lottery ticket?
Your local bodega
Your local 7-Eleven
Your local liquor store

Question: 2/25Pick Your Answer!

And when you get there, you hope that it has a live-in:
Guinea pig

Question: 3/25Pick Your Answer!

Time for breakfast! You absolutely have to try NYC's:

Question: 4/25Pick Your Answer!

But really, why are the bagels so dang good here?
It's because of the butter!
It's because of the water!
It's because of the flour!

Question: 5/25Pick Your Answer!

The Statue of Liberty, standing on Ellis Island, was gifted to us by:

Question: 6/25Pick Your Answer!

The United Nations headquarters was established in NYC after the end of:
The Civil War
The Vietnam War

Question: 7/25Pick Your Answer!

With over 40 million items (books, tapes, etc.) to choose from, you're sure to never be bored at the:
Empire State Building gift shop and bookstore
New York Public Library
Library of Manhattan

Question: 8/25Pick Your Answer!

Times Square is named after:
The New York Times
The Brooklyn Times
The Los Angeles Times

Question: 9/25Pick Your Answer!

And which holiday do tourists (because locals know better than to battle that crowd) flock to Times Square for every year?
Christmas Day
New Years Eve

Question: 10/25Pick Your Answer!

A true New Yorker knows that sometimes you don't have to pay more than ____ for a delicious, giant slice of pizza.

Question: 11/25Pick Your Answer!

New York City has the largest population of those of _______ descent than any other country outside of Asia!

Question: 12/25Pick Your Answer!

Believe it or not, NYC became the first capital of the United States back in the ______. Too bad it was short lived!

Question: 13/25Pick Your Answer!

What kind of shells were used to pave Pearl Street?

Question: 14/25Pick Your Answer!

The longest running show in Broadway history is:
The Phantom of the Opera

Question: 15/25Pick Your Answer!

NYC is one of the most diverse, if not the most, cities in the country. About ______ of the population speaks a language other than English.
A third
A quarter

Question: 16/25Pick Your Answer!

In NYC, people don't wait "in line," they wait:
On line
Through line
Past line

Question: 17/25Pick Your Answer!

The best way to drink coffee is "regular," meaning __.
Filled with cream and sugar
Just sugar

Question: 18/25Pick Your Answer!

An angry, "Hey, __!" can be heard when someone (inevitably) almost gets hit by a car.
I'm crossin' here!
I'm runnin' here!
I'm walkin' here!

Question: 19/25Pick Your Answer!

New Yorkers have revamped "uptown" and "downtown" to mean:
North and south
Up and down
Left and right

Question: 20/25Pick Your Answer!

When you're on the go like New Yorkers usually are, you'll eat your pizza __.
With a fork

Question: 21/25Pick Your Answer!

Many a nice summer night has been spent hanging out and sitting on your:

Question: 22/25Pick Your Answer!

Which of these do New Yorkers totally lack the privilege of experiencing?
Great food that's readily available
Personal space
Living in a place with a diverse population

Question: 23/25Pick Your Answer!

The weather report says it's below 30 degrees and it's snowing! Uh oh:
Dang, it's brick out there!
Can this weather get any more cement than it already is?!
Oh man, it's way too concrete for me today.

Question: 24/25Pick Your Answer!

If you want to get away from the "concrete jungle" and see some greenery, which of these is the best place to go?
Golden Gate Park
Balboa Park
Central Park

Question: 25/25Pick Your Answer!

You can't ever imagine loving anywhere more than the __ State.
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New York City. The City That Never Sleeps. The City Where Dreams Come True. It's one incredible place. And if you're able to call it home, then you're one lucky person. Along with eight million other people. Yeah, you New Yorkers are pretty packed in there. But, you don't have to be a bona fide New York native to love this city. If you're a transplant, tourist, enthusiast, or yes, a lifelong native, then you're sure to know all the hotspots, lingo, slang, and trivia. And that means you'll be able to ACE this quiz! Seriously, there's no place like New York. You New Yorkers have certain way of doings, and definitely your own way of expressing yourselves. There's a lot of trivia to know, like where the Empire State Building is, that you should avoid Times Square at all costs, and that the Highline really is a great place to hang out and enjoy some outdoor weather.

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