Can You Ace This Ultimate Ohio Quiz? Bet Not!

Are you a Buckeye or not?!

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 Dec 17, 2018
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Question: 1/22Pick Your Answer!

So first things first! What exactly is a buckeye?
It's a type of horse that was originally bred in Ohio
It's a type of nut that grows on trees found in Ohio
It's Ohio's most popular potluck dish

Question: 2/22Pick Your Answer!

But what about the candy kind? How are those made?
By drizzling peanuts with chocolate sauce!
By dipping chocolate chips in whipped cream!
By dipping peanut butter balls in chocolate!

Question: 3/22Pick Your Answer!

If you really wanted to get your adrenaline pumping on some roller coasters, you'd head straight to:
Cedar Rapids
Knotts Berry Farm
Cedar Point

Question: 4/22Pick Your Answer!

O - H!
I - O!
H - O

Question: 5/22Pick Your Answer!

Game day! What colors are you wearing to cheer on the Buckeyes?
Navy and silver!
Scarlet and gray!
Red and yellow!

Question: 6/22Pick Your Answer!

Don't even whisper this state's name anywhere in Ohio:
Grrr, Michigan...
Grr, Iowa...
Grrr, Texas...

Question: 7/22Pick Your Answer!

"Honey, can you grab the ______? I really want to vacuum before everyone shows up!"

Question: 8/22Pick Your Answer!

Which of these Hall of Fames can you visit in Cleveland?
Country Music
Rock and Roll

Question: 9/22Pick Your Answer!

Buckeyes were dipping their fries in Frostys before everyone else was!
Yup! Because Wendy's started right here in Columbus.
Duh! Because Dairy Queen started right here in Cleveland.
Yes! Because In - n - Out started right here in Cincinnati.

Question: 10/22Pick Your Answer!

The Cuyahoga used to be so polluted it was _____________.
Dark and murky

Question: 11/22Pick Your Answer!

If you see Brutus, you can be sure you're at a ________ game!
Kent State University
Miami University
Ohio State University

Question: 12/22Pick Your Answer!

If you want to make an out-of-towner's jaw drop, better take them to:
The Athens Crazy Town Parade
The Columbus Doo Dah Parade!
The Ohio Woah, Did You See That? Parade

Question: 13/22Pick Your Answer!

If you're not getting your hot wings at _______, then what are you doing?!
B - Dubs
Wing Stop

Question: 14/22Pick Your Answer!

An Ohio summer is typically:
Very stormy
Very hot and very humid
Very sunny and very windy

Question: 15/22Pick Your Answer!

No, The Jake isn't a person, it's __.
Uh, it is a person?
The Progressive Field Baseball Park
The best fast food chain in Ohio

Question: 16/22Pick Your Answer!

Looks like you're running a little low on groceries there. Where are you going to stop to replenish?
Whole Foods

Question: 17/22Pick Your Answer!

If your mom asks you to "put up" the dishes, that means:
Wash them
Put them away
Set the table

Question: 18/22Pick Your Answer!

Don't you dare order a Bud Light when you go to Ohio! You definitely need to try:
Coors Light

Question: 19/22Pick Your Answer!

What traditional Southern Ohio food consists of blended pork, oats, onions, celery, and goes on practically anything?

Question: 20/22Pick Your Answer!

Buckeyes love to pour their chili over ______. Don't knock it 'til you try it!
Toast bread

Question: 21/22Pick Your Answer!

And if you're in the mood for a messy yet delicious meal, you'd order:
A messy burger
A polish boy

Question: 22/22Pick Your Answer!

Let's face it. The ____ State will always be home to you!
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