Quiz: Could You Be a Sociopath?

Are you a sociopath? Are you absolutely sure? Take this quiz to find out.

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 Sep 27, 2018
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Question: 1/10Pick Your Answer!

Someone spills coffee all over themselves! You __.
Snicker to yourself, but offer to help them
Quickly grab some napkins and help them clean off
Laugh and keep walking

Question: 2/10Pick Your Answer!

You find $100 on the ground and keep it. But now, someone's claiming it was theirs and they dropped it. What now?
Give back some and tell them that's all you found
Give it back to them
Lie and tell them you never saw it

Question: 3/10Pick Your Answer!

Have you ever shoplifted?
Yep, still do
Never have, never will
I have before, but I know it's wrong

Question: 4/10Pick Your Answer!

Other people are __.
Kind of annoying sometimes
Possible new friends, companions, family, etc.

Question: 5/10Pick Your Answer!

Would you consider yourself a responsible person?
By whose definition?
Yes, very

Question: 6/10Pick Your Answer!

Hey, you look really nice today!
I know, I always do
Huh? Thank you!
I guess I do

Question: 7/10Pick Your Answer!

Pick the word that describes you best!

Question: 8/10Pick Your Answer!

You're driving and a semi-truck going full speed misses you by an inch. How do you feel?
Totally freaked out
Slightly freaked out, but mostly fine
Meh, it didn't hit me so it doesn't matter

Question: 9/10Pick Your Answer!

What do you think your biggest weakness is?
Not being as honest as I should be
Not being more perfect
Being too nice

Question: 10/10Pick Your Answer!

You unintentionally say something hurtful in a conversation. What do you do?
Try to ignore it
Who said it was unintentional?
Apologize profusely
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Only about 3 percent of men and 1 percent of women have antisocial personality disorder. Sociopathic individuals are compulsive liars, manipulative, irresponsible, and somehow manage to effectively fool everyone else into believing they're not. Do you display any sociopathic tendencies? Take this quiz to find out if you could be a sociopath.