Quiz: Which Ravnica Guild Do You Belong In?

The city of Ravnica is being plagued with corruption and injustice. There are 10 guilds caught in the middle of it. Which do you belong to?

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 Sep 12, 2018
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Question: 1/11Pick Your Answer!

You get lost while hiking with only a water bottle, a small amount of food, and a knife. How do you survive?
By living off the land until someone finds and rescues you
By trying to find your way back by yourself
Accepting the fact that you'll probably die
By crafting a signaling device with anything you can find
By holing up in a cave and making your supplies last

Question: 2/11Pick Your Answer!

Which of these is the most important to you?

Question: 3/11Pick Your Answer!

Which is the most crucial to an ideal society?
A strong army
Protecting the environment
A focus on education
A large number of people
Surveilling the population

Question: 4/11Pick Your Answer!

What was your favorite subject in school?
Language Arts

Question: 5/11Pick Your Answer!

Would you ever use a Ouija board?
Spirits aren't real
Only if the spirits can put themselves to use
I have before and I'll continue to
Maybe, to learn the future

Question: 6/11Pick Your Answer!

You find an injured bird while walking somewhere. What do you do?
Bring it to the vet's office
Bring it home and care for it
Check on it tomorrow
Bring it home and try your homemade medicines and cures on it
Leave it

Question: 7/11Pick Your Answer!

Choose a villain
Hannibal Lector
Doctor Death

Question: 8/11Pick Your Answer!

Choose a hero
Harry Potter
Iron Man

Question: 9/11Pick Your Answer!

What would you do if you were arrested for a crime you didn't commit?
Wish bad energy on the person who arrested you
Defend yourself against this injustice fervently
Peacefully protest until you're given a chance to be heard
Work to find the real culprit yourself
Escape and live off the grid

Question: 10/11Pick Your Answer!

It's Friday night! What are you doing?
Painting the town red with your squad
Plotting your next move
Working on that thing you've been building for a whlie
Getting lost in a book
Staying in and spending time with your pet, family, or S.O.

Question: 11/11Pick Your Answer!

Choose a mythical creature!
A griffin
A werewolf
A vampire
A banshee
A unicorn
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Corruption, violence, and injustice are plaguing the magical city of Ravnica. The city is made up of 10 different guilds, split up into alliances of five. On one side is the Selesnya Conclave, the Boros Legion, the House Dmir, the Izzet League, and the Golgari Swarm. Find out where your magical destiny lies.