Quiz: Which Ravnica Guild Do You Belong In?

Magic: The Gathering Selesnya Conclave
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The city of Ravnica is being plagued with corruption and injustice. There are 10 guilds caught in the middle of it. Which do you belong to?

Which Ravnica guild do you belong in? Selesnya Conclave, Boros Legion, House Dimir, the Izzet League, or the Golgari Swarm? Take this quiz to find out!

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If you're a huge fan of Magic: The Gathering like we are, then you'll love this quiz to see which Ravnica guild you belong in! The city of Ravnica is being plagued with corruption and injustice. There are 10 guilds, split up into alliances of five, all caught in the middle of it. If you belong in the Selesnya Conclave, then you are a kind, gentle, and peaceful soul. Those in the House Dimir are have a strong sense of intuition and tend to fly solo. The Boros Legion members work tirelessly to right wrongs and fight injustices in Ravnica. And if you're not afraid of trying new things, even if that means taking a risk to do it, then you definitely belong in the Izzet League! Lastly, if you're resourceful and willing to exhaust all options to get to your ultimate goal, then you'd find yourself in the Golgari Swarm.

So, do any of these guilds sound like a fit for you? If you think you know which Ravnica guild from Magic: The Gathering you are, then think again! The answer might just surprise you! Answer just a few questions about your life and your personality, and we'll tell you which Ravnica guild matches you! Just be sure to answer honestly, because this quiz is super accurate! Find out where your magical destiny lies, today!

Want to know more about Ravnica? Well did you know that Ravnica's currency is referred to as zibs and zinos, with 100 zibs making up 1 zino. 10 zibs can buy you a cup of coffee!

Also, Ravnica means "plain" in Serbo-Croatian coming from the word ravan, meaning flat, level.

Now, if you want more Ravnica quizzes, email me at brooke@women.com to let me know! Until then, take this Ravnica quiz to see which guild you belong in!

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