Quiz: Only A True Boston Local Can Pass This Common Sense Challenge

Are you street smart or just book smart?

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 Jan 10, 2016
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Some months have 31 days, some have 30. How many have 28?

Question: 2/10Pick your answer!

Can a man living in Massachusetts be buried in Canada?

Question: 3/10Fill in the blank!

The first and original Dunkin’ Donut was in _______.
New York City

Question: 4/10Pick your answer!

What’s heavier: 100 pounds of rocks or 100 pounds of feathers?
they weigh the same
100 pounds of feathers
100 pounds of rocks

Question: 5/10Pick your answer!

Can a man legally marry his widow’s sister in Boston?
Yes, of course!
No way!

Question: 6/10Pick your answer!

Before Mount Everest was discovered, what was the tallest highest mountain in the world?
Mount McKinley
Mount Everest
Mount Kilimanjaro

Question: 7/10Pick your answer!

What do people call the subway in Boston?
The T
The M
The L

Question: 8/10Pick your answer!

How many animals of each species did Moses take with him on the ark?

Question: 9/10Answer True or False!

If a rooster is sitting on the roof of a barn and lays an egg, it will always roll down the shortest path.

Question: 10/10Pick your answer!

What is Southie?
South Shore
A grocery store
South Boston
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