Books to Read Based on Your Zodiac Sign

books to read based on your zodiac sign, books

What should your next read be? Let the stars decide!

Don’t you hate it when you read through a list of book recs and wish you had suggestions tailored just for you? Every reader is different, and so are the books! That’s why we’ve rounded up a list of new titles for every sign in the zodiac. Look no further for your perfect read! Hint: check your sun, moon, and rising signs for even more additions to your perfect TBR.

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1. Capricorn

The Passing Storm by Christine Nolfi

While struggling through her overwhelming grief, Rae turns her focus onto helping her father, Connor, with his unruly 40-acre Ohio farm. As she tries to stifle emotional memories (sound familiar, Capricorns?), Rae distracts herself with the farm and wayward teenager Quinn, who they’ve sheltered from a brutal winter storm. The three form an unexpected kinship and find solace in each other – but what’s bringing them together has yet to come to the surface. If Rae is to help Quinn, they’ll all need to finally confront the pain they’ve been avoiding.

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2. Aquarius

The Mad Women’s Ball by Victoria Mas

In Paris 1885, all of society ogles at Dr. Charcot’s mad display of women from his asylum. But many of these women aren’t insane – they’re misunderstood misfits (ahem, Aquarians) that have been abandoned by their high society families. In this rare moment of exposure to the world, one such woman, Eugenie, has a hopeful chance of escape – and she’ll need the help of an ex-nun and senior nurse to pull it off. But if Eugenie is to break free from the walls of gender and the asylum, she’ll need her nurse’s full support… and that means confronting the spirits Eugenie sees.

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3. Pisces

My Famous Brain by Diane Wald

From beyond the grave, Jack MacLeod shares intuitive insight into his past lives through his psychic abilities – that’s right, daydreamy Pisceans, PSYCHIC. As Jack meditates on his lived experiences – from friendships, careers, romantic affairs, and celebration and acceptance of his fate – Pisces readers will obsess over how everyone and everything around Jack has brought him to yet another level of brilliance.

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4. Aries

Her Name is Knight by Yasmin Angoe

With revenge, an assassin for a heroine, and even a red-orange cover, this book was made for the fiery Aries reader. Trafficked from her Ghanaian village as a child, Nena is now a dangerous assassin for a powerful business syndicate called Tribe. But her life of rage and revenge is flipped when she saves a life rather than taking one on an assignment. While grappling with her newfound purpose, she learns that a new Tribe council member is the one responsible for ripping her from her family. With personal vengeance consuming her, Nena sets out to take her life back.

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5. Taurus

He Gets That from Me by Jacqueline Friedland

Maggie is just a young mother seeking domestic security and bliss for her small family that depends on her – things that Taurus moms value most. While struggling with her checkout counter job, she finds an ad offering women thousands of dollars to gestate and carry babies for wanting parents. With the lure of being able to provide for her family and get a secure job, Maggie soon carries and hands off twin babies to a married couple in New York. Ten years later, she’s settled into the comfortable life with the family she’s built and her job as a teacher – but that may be threatened when the fertility clinic calls for a follow-up DNA test.

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6. Gemini

Final Table by Dan Schorr

All Geminis need a little crazy intellectual stimulation in their lives, and this political thriller about sexual misconduct will not disappoint. Dan Schorr draws on firsthand experience as a New York sex crimes prosecutor and investigator as he tackles political and media dysfunction. Our main characters Maggie and Kyler both come from complicated and broken career paths, but they find allyship in ways that will have them face their upsetting pasts once and for all.

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7. Cancer

A Day Like This by Kelley McNeil

Beautiful house, loving husband, precious daughter… sound like a dream, Cancers? For Annie, it’s her perfect reality – until she wakes up from a car accident to doctors telling her none of it was real. Instead, she’s divorced, living as an artist in Manhattan, her daughter was never born, and her estranged sister is now her best friend. But Annie’s memories of her supposedly imagined life won’t go away, and she starts to wonder if everyone is lying to her.

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8. Leo

The Singles Table by Sara Desai

Celebrity-obsessed Zara would much rather play match maker at the singles table than ever open her own heart again. Meanwhile, Jay doesn’t even have time for relationships because he’s focused on winning at all costs in his job. When the two collide during wedding season, they make a deal: he’ll introduce her to celebrity clients if she finds his special someone. But their arrangement brings them together in unexpected ways in this high-energy and flirty story that mirrors what all Leos like to see – themselves.

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9. Virgo

Wish You Were Here by Jodi Picoult

Diana is the perfect example of a Virgo: she has plans to marry by thirty, kids by thirty-five, and move to the suburbs of NYC, all while climbing the professional ladder. But when a virus outbreak forces her boyfriend to stay working at the hospital, she realizes their perfect vacation has suddenly become a solo trip. Things go from bad to worse when her luggage is lost and the hotel shuts down due to the pandemic, and Diana realizes she must learn to let go of the plan and roll with the punches. Take notes, Virgos!

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10. Libra

How to Marry Keanu Reeves in 90 Days by K. M. Jackson

When Bethany learns that actor Keanu Reeves is about to tie the knot, she desperately sets off on a mission to meet him and prove to him that she’s the one he’s destined to be with. Determined to convince him to call off the wedding, she and her best friend Truman travel from New York to LA so she can make her love fantasies a reality – these are priorities that you can probably empathize with if you’re a Libra. Will Bethany make it in time to declare her love to Keanu? Or will she realize that her One was beside her all along?

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11. Scorpio

White Smoke by Tiffany D. Jackson

This is a modern Haunting of Hill House meets Get Out with scary shadows, a new life, and running from ghosts… all ingredients for the perfect transformational Scorpio story. Marigold and her family are seeking a fresh start in a new town, and think they’ve found it in their picture-perfect home. But the dilapidated neighboring houses, flickering lights, and voices in the walls are starting to scare Marigold. Things go even darker when her annoying little sister says her “new friend” wants Marigold gone. As the secrets bubble up, Mari realizes she can’t run from the dark.

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12. Sagittarius

Litani by Jess Lourey

Fourteen-year-old Jubilee is off on a chilling adventure, whether she likes it or not, when she’s sent to live with her estranged mother who she barely knows. If you’re a Sagittarius, you’ll be thrilled to follow Jubilee through the haunting town of Litani, where paranoia runs rampant and the locals whisper about The Game. Though her mother warns her to stay away from the woods, Jubilee follows the local bullies when they invite her to The Game in order to find out what’s really going on in her new town. This one’s only meant for the brave of heart.

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