Can Someone See If You Read Their Bumble Message?


Can Someone See If You Read Their Message On Bumble?

As we all know, the female-empowering Bumble dating app requires women to say hi first. But once you say hi - are their read receipts on Bumble? Can you see if someone has read your message? Can someone else see if you read their Bumble message?

At this time, no. Bumble does not have read receipts, so you (or the other person) will not be alerted in any way that a message has been read.

Bumble Messages Do Not Have Read Receipts

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So if someone sends you a Bumble message, and you aren't immediately sure what to say? Go ahead and screenshot that baby (because Bumble does not have screenshot notifications, either), send it to your BFF, and ask her how she thinks you should respond. Because that cutie you'll chatting with will never know when you've read their Bumble message.

On the other hand, if you're not feeling it anymore, and you want to ignore their Bumble message completely - you can do that too! No one will ever know whether or not you've read their message. On the flip side of that, you don't get to know whether the boy you messaged 23 hours ago has seen your message and chosen to ignore it, or if he hasn't checked the Bumble app in awhile. Bummer!

But either way, at the end of the day, Bumble is all about privacy. In order to protect the privacy and integrity of Bumble users, the app does not have read receipts.