13 Things You'll Only Understand If You Went To UChicago


Where fun comes to die!

Being a UChicago student means you're one of the best and brightest. You came for the Life of the Mind. Being a UChicago student means you study a lot...but that's not all you do! From the hundreds of RSOs available for you to join to nerdy philosophy conversations to athletics (yes we have a football team). If you go to The University of Chicago, you'll definitely relate to this list!

1. Oh you go to UIC?


No, no, you go to UChicago not UIC. The University of Chicago? The third best school in the US? You've gotten this question far too many times that at this point you just roll with it.

2. Trying to keep your GPA alive.


You probably own one of those t-shirts that say, "Where the only thing that goes down on you is your GPA". And you know it's pretty much true. The struggle of keeping that GPA up is real, and you've pulled many all-nighters studying for midterms, chasing that elusive 4.0. The struggle of grade deflation is real.

3. The Reg is love, the Reg is life.


Every day is Reg day. The Reg is basically your second home, or maybe your first, to be honest. You have your favorite floor too, be it the A level, the B level, or 5th floor. You've spent many nights there working on tests and papers, contemplating your life and wondering if it was worth it to stay up another hour.

4. You like studying in Mansueto in the winter when it snows...


During the Winter this place looks like a reverse snow globe inside. Be honest, you've always been tempted to slide down Mansueto when it's covered in snow.

5. Scav takes over the entire campus for a weekend.


Whether you scav or not, UChicago's annual scavenger hunt is impossible to ignore. The Scav Hunt held the Guinness World Record for largest scavenger hunt. From mindless chanting to wacky costumes to constructed go cart races and even a road trip, you see it all plus more during scav. Going from list release to judgment day, if you're a diehard scavie you pull multiple all nighters to finish items and are amazed at the really spectacular items that are created during the weekend. Just don't forget, call your mom!

6. Humans Vs. Zombies


If you happen to be wearing a bandana, but not part of the game, chances are you're going to get hit with a nerf dart anyway. If you play HvZ, you become very familiar with how to get around campus without actually going outside. Always be on the lookout for Zeds.

7. Shake Day helps you get through Wednesday.


Dollar Shakes? Yes, please! This classic UChicago tradition gives you life. Even though the lines are always super long, it's worth the wait.

8. Preparing for Add/Drop period.


Getting ready for Add/Drop is like preparing to compete in the Hunger Games. You're up and ready to go when it opens in hopes of completing your schedule for next quarter. You need to fight to get that coveted spot in a core arts class.

9. Avoiding the Reynolds seal like your life depends on it.


You're walking in Reynolds with your friends, maybe you got coffee or shakes, then the world almost ends as you attempt to side step the seal because you weren't paying attention. If you step on the seal, supposedly you won't graduate in four years. Maybe it's not for real, but no way are you going to test out the theory. You always cringe when see other people walk across it and know they have just sealed their fate.

10. It feels like you go to Hogwarts.


Sure Chicago is really cold in the winter, but have you seen the architecture? You're at UC because you were waitlisted at Hogwarts. UChicago's stunning architecture makes you feel like you're studying at Hogwarts, especially when you're in Harper. Worth it.

11. Dean Boyer


The man, the myth, the legend. You dream of shaking his hand at graduation.

12. You've worked on your "Core"


The Core, the required classes, the classes you needed to take to make you a well-rounded student. Most of your classes, but definitely your Hume and Sosc classes, had "that kids," and man, could they talk. You read plenty of Plato and Socrates in your core days. But you're probably still trying to register for an art to fulfill the art requirement.

13. UChicago, where fun comes to die.


Sure you say it, sometimes it's true (Midterm season? 6th week? Finals?!). UChicago may be tough, but everyday you're grateful... that you didn't go to Northwestern. But the truth of the matter is, UChicago is your home and has a lot to offer with downtown Chicago being so close by. You've met so many crazy, wonderful, smart, (maybe a bit socially awkward) people who you wouldn't trade the world for. And you know how to have a fun, whether it's late night BartMart runs for ice cream and candy, Wednesday bar nights, or talking philosophy. You're proud to be a Maroon!

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