10 Things I Hope My Little Sister Knows

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1. Get a little crazy, but don't be stupid.


Experimentation helps make you an adult, but be responsible. Don't let someone drive who's been drinking. Don't put your drink down. Never forget your cellphone. Always use a condom and say no to drugs.

2. You're smarter than you think.


Of course I think you're the prettiest in the world and that you have a great sense of style, but you're so much more than the killer looks that your genes copied from me. Life will bring you challenges and even though you feel like you need my opinion before you make decisions - you know what you're doing.

3. It'll be okay.


Life moves on. I know it's the end of the world today. But you'll get over that guy who broke your heart during the summer soon enough. Your best friend right now might not be your best friend in 5 years, your boss might fire you for that major mistake and your roommate might just hate you for asking her to do her dishes- they'll get over it. You'll get over it.

4. Get to class!


I know all of your friends are heading to the park during History and that you want to sleep in for that early morning Women's Studies class* but go. I could go on and on about how lucky we are to get an education but I'll just say this: you'll regret the things you missed and you never know when you'll need a recommendation from a professor.

*You absolutely need to take at least one Women's Studies class. What you'll learn is invaluable.

5. Let Dad take the picture.


(Sorry). I know this one's annoying but just let him take the stupid picture. It'll be quick and it'll be worth it because it will make him happy. Plus, you might just end up with a super cute profile pic.

6. Eat it.


Yes, yes, yes, you have to put your health first. BUT life's too short not to have the last cookie or to reward yourself with a large bucket of FroYo after you aced that Science test. Have the whole pack of the Oreos when you're having a rough day and definitely eat that ice cream because you feel happy.

7. Don't let anyone pressure you.


You're way too cool to let others influence your decisions and make you do something that you're not okay with. You're a smart woman. Your direction might change but that doesn't mean you need to stop and pull over to change your values for others. And if you do, I'll make fun of you.

8. I'll always be on your side.


Never doubt this. Even if we both know you're wrong, I'll be there to back you up, come hell or high water. Just make sure you don't screw up too much, I don't think they have hairstylists for my highlights in prison.

9. I make mistakes too.


As awesome as I am, we both know I'm far from perfect. The best thing about having an older sister is being able to see mistakes I make and find a different stepping stone to the right decision.

10. You're my priority.


Love is an open door! I know I'm super busy and I might not respond to your texts right away (sorry about that). But I'm always, always, always here for you. And I'll try to keep my phone ringer on to show you that. Of course I've got that couch for you to sleep on, but I'd rather you sleep in my bed. You can stay over at my place whenever you want and however long you need to. I'm here.

Get a little crazy, but don't be stupid.


And always remember how much I love you.


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You're smarter than you think.

It'll be okay.

Get to class!

Let Dad take the picture.

Eat it.

Don't let anyone pressure you.

I'll always be on your side.

I make mistakes too.

You're my priority.