7 Halloween Movies You Should Watch Now That You're All Grown Up

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Pull out that VHS player and pop in the spook!

While you were getting your Halloweentown and Hocus Pocus on, the rest of the kid world were embracing the Halloween season with movies far far more scary than the ones starring the Sanderson sisters. Now that you've got a lock down on those bed wetting years, it's time to watch those movies your friends were peeking at years before you.

The Nightmare Before Christmas



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We're gonna assume that you were mature enough to watch this classic if you could stand to see Winifred Sanderson suck the life out of a little girl, but we're putting it on this list because who didn't want to take a spin around the Up and At ‘Em Machine?

Donnie Darko


Let's be real, no one really knows WHAT Donnie Darko is about. It's creep factor, however, is well known and tops the list of most Indie movies and favorites. Jam packed with various demonic hints and senses of fear and dread, you'll love Darko for all of it's epic moments. Oh yeah, ad Jake Gyllenhaal.

Ernest Scared Stupid


In an age where demonic plots and psychopaths rule the world of Halloween cinema, this horror comedy will be a fun break for the kids at heart. This movies for every kid of the 90s who loved a good scare and a laugh. Ernest P. Worrell plus a terrifying child-eating troll will really give quite you a treat.

Monster House


This one's for the year that you assumed you were too grown up for Halloween. Steven Spielberg always works magic on nostalgia and the period of our lives that we started to say 'good bye' to being a kid and this one won't let you down. This animated film breathes life into the spooky world where our imaginations can get the best of us.

The American Scream


This "technical documentary" looks into the night three families in the small town of Fairhaven in Massachusetts prep their house for the ultimate Halloween Home Haunting. Watch as families transform their homes into extravagant haunted attractions for Halloween. It's fascinating.

Tower of Terror


This 1997 Disney film is about a Disney theme park attraction that's haunted by its past. This Disney Channel original movie starring a young Kirsten Dunst, gets creepier and creepier as a journalist looks into 1939 mystery that saw the disappearance of five people from a hotel elevator on Halloween.