12 Bonifed Reaons You Should Keep Playing the Piano


You'll wish you never quit...

1. It's a memory stimulator

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Research has show that playing a musical instrument and listening to music stimulates brain memory.

2. Better time management and organizational skills


Setting aside time to hone a talent and skill like playing a musical instrument requires quite a bit of time management.

3. It'll keep you in formation and you'll be a better team player


Anyone who takes their instrument seriously will soon discover that great music can made by playing well its others. Learning to be aware of your fellow players will give you the ability to understand the importance of listening to others and working together. You can't put a value on that kind of a life skill.

4. It'll make you stronger


Tons of time and effort goes into learning how to play an instrument. It teaches a person perseverance as well as patience. Learning that you won't get the right keys and notes right away helps a person understand not only that they can't always be perfect but that time and perseverance can get you pretty darn close.

5. It'll make you more elegant


Coordination is a huge part of the grace and elegance of music. Learning to play an instrument and keeping up with one'll boost your elegance factor three- fold.

6. It'll make you a mathlete!


Reading music calls for tons of attention to counting notes, rhythms and measures and it can help your math skills. Studies have shown that students who play instruments often perform better in math and are prone to better grades in school.

7. It'll also make you a book worm!


And don't we know how much the school system favors book worms! Playing an instrument can improve reading and comprehension skills. Being able to translate a note and enact its direction into a finger position or vocal pattern helps cognition and comprehension abilities.

8. You'll be more cultured


Instruments reflect and relate back to the periods they were first created. Learning about an instrument like a piano will set you back to a classical period. Where something like a ukulele will help you to discover more Hawaiian/ island roots. Likewise for a banjo player who could discover a new appreciation for folk culture.

9. It'll give you a sense of pride


Conquering musical challenges and learning how to read and apply notes to your instrument is a feeling of accomplishment that can't be really matched.

10. You'll be more outgoing


Getting into a performer's state of mine will drive away all fears of getting up on stage or in front of an audience. Say "hello" to being the ultimate power point presenter or sales person.

11. It'll help your health


Playing an air instrument can help you with your respiratory system, something everyone could use a little bit of help on. Many musicians constantly learn the importance of practicing breathing exercises which equals better notes and stronger lungs.

12. You'll be happier


Besides getting the praise and applause a musician often gets when they've put on a good performance, playing a musical instrument allows a person to appreciate a skill they've worked hard to sharpen. You'll be all the more experienced, thoughtful and wise!

It's a memory stimulator

Better time management and organizational skills

It'll keep you in formation and you'll be a better team player

It'll make you stronger

It'll make you more elegant

It'll make you a mathlete!

It'll also make you a book worm!

You'll be more cultured

It'll give you a sense of pride

You'll be more outgoing

It'll help your health

You'll be happier

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