17 Ways Women Prepare For Summer That Are Basically Magic


The fastest ways women are getting to their #summerbod goals!

1. Fake it. Spray it. Tan it.


A tan can instantly make you look more lean, toned and defined.

2. Do the Plank.


It's a little more work than a quick contour session and requires a bit more dedication, but planks are a simple way to tone up your entire body while on the couch.

3. Break out the nude heels.


Elevating your heels to make your leg muscles look more prominent and defined is one of the oldest tricks in the book. Strap on your favorite nude pumps and you're golden.

4. Pass on the salt.


Foods that have salt, dairy and grain can cause some intense bloating. Start your day off with some hot water with a slice of lemon to kickstart your digestive system.

5. Show off some skin!


A good rule of thumb is exposing as much skin as you can between chin and chest that you can get away with (don't blame us for any work code violations though!). The open triangle gives off the illusion of a longer and slimmer body and districts from the midsection.

6. Spank it!


Shapers aren't just the best for keeping everything looking firm and tucked in, it'll also give you major stuff factor when you decide you actually will take that extra slice of pizza. It'll suck that allllllllll in.


And the take off factor at the end of the night will have you feeling like this. So worth it.

7. Get on that Champagne life.


Treat yo self. With less calories per ounce than Vodka, Champagne will make you the one at the party acting more responsible and totally balling.

8. Get waisted


The right pair of highwaisted jeans won't just make you look more toned, they'll make you look taller too. Also has that major stuff factor.

9. Black on black on black on black.


We all know black is slimming. Tops and bottoms that match in color create a vertical line that'll also accentuate your flattering curves.

10. Be smart about bling.


Long necklaces and chunky necklaces will draw attention to your face.

11. Use some tongue.


It might feel awkward, but pressing your tongue to the roof of your mouth while smiling is an effective way to help you look like your best self while taking snaps with you friends.

12. Crank up the AC while you snooze.


According to a 2014 study by the National Institute of Health Sleeping in a cool bedroom can increase your percentages of brown fat — fat that acts more like muscle which helps to burn other fat and boost your metabolism.

Learn more: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24954193

13. One word: Chocolate.


A bit of munching on some dark chocolate can help prevent and reduce insulin resistance which can cause bloating.

14. Stop slouching.


Standing up straight and checking your posture can instantly make you look slimmer.

15. Contour.


A bit of body contour can help accentuate those curves and angles you like to show off.

16. Do a new do.


The perfect hair cut for summer involves long layers and will detracts from the widest parts of your face.

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17. And finally the easiest way to prep for summer...


ICE CREAM. 'Cause if you're not indulging in it, you're cutting yourself short.

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Fake it. Spray it. Tan it.

Do the Plank.

Break out the nude heels.

Pass on the salt.

Show off some skin!

Spank it!

Get on that Champagne life.

Get waisted

Black on black on black on black.

Be smart about bling.

Use some tongue.

Crank up the AC while you snooze.

One word: Chocolate.

Stop slouching.


Do a new do.

And finally the easiest way to prep for summer...