6 Tips To Protect Your Hair During the Harsh Winter

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Time to get your hair winter-ready!

It's official winter is on its way! As much as we all might be looking forward to hibernation Wednesdays and eggnog coffee, we can't forget it's also a season of style intervention. We're talking the downers that come with dry air, indoor heat and constant hat head. All of the new attention to your locks can really cause damage to your hair. To get you through the harsh hair season, here are some steps you can take to get your hair winter-ready strong until the snow melts.

Stop washing your hair every day.


Back away from shampoo bottle! As the weather changes, your hair will suffer from more static and frizz. Avoid excess electricity by not washing your hair every day. Want better results? Only rinse and condition whenever possible.

Go for cashmere


Better add a new hat to your Christmas wish list, and make sure it's cashmere or cotton. Avoid wool like the plague. It's one of the worst materials for hair health. Constant rubbing of wool fibers against your hair will lead to breakage, dryness and even hair loss.

Get a moisturizing mask


If you don't already have one you're loyal to, do yourself a favor and get a hydrating hair mask. Apply it at least once a week, it'll be your one-and-done solution for beautifully conditioned hair in a matter of minutes.

Just go with the hat hair


Now you've got an official excuse to wear that beanie/ fedora indoors. You can opt for the hat and go heat-free. Braid your hair or pin down some curl sets at night, then in the morning let it all loose and put your hat on.

Check Your Labels

Oil Hair Care

If it doesn't have natural ingredients like camellia and sesame or sunflower seed oils, and is packed with alochol, avoid it. Superpower oils will boost hydration better than other ingredients, keeping your strands conditioned and nourished.