British Lawmaker Dies After Attack

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1. Britain Mourns the Loss of British Lawmaker

The Short of It:

Police have confirmed that Jo Cox, a British lawmaker, passed away yesterday afternoon after she was attacked while leaving a meeting with voters in northern England.

The Longer Version of It:

The 41-year-old politician, and mother of two children, had been shot and stabbed on the street by a 52-year-old man who has now been detained by authorities. Police have started to investigate reports that the attacker reportedly shouted "Britain first" during the attack. Leading many to think that it was a reference to Britain's far-right political party and that the motive might have to do with next week's vote on whether to allow Britain to break from the European Union or make a Brexit.

The Great British Exit, or Brexit:

If you haven't already heard about the Brexit let us explain. On June 23rd Britain will hold a vote to determine whether the country will leave the European Union. Voters in favor of making a Brexit have argued that the EU has widely changed and taken a turn for the worst in the past forty years diminishing British influence and power. Voters who want to stay put argue that the medium-sized island needs the larger body of joined countries to have any real security and that an exit could be devastatingly pricey.

The Takeway:

This week's been a rough one for everyone who has gun control on their mind. This attack on Cox, the first on a British lawmaker in decades, comes to a huge surprise considering how tight British laws are on guns.

Britain Mourns the Loss of British Lawmaker