Here's How You Can Help Victims of the Istanbul Airport Attack

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41 people are dead and 239 are injured after a terrorist attack.

1. What You Need to Know About What Just Happened In Istanbul

The Short of It:

Yesterday, an attack on Europe's third busiest airport killed 41 people.Turkish Prime Minister, Binali Yıldırım, has stated that the bombers in the attack may have been part of an ISIS terrorist strategy. If so, the attack will be the terrorist group's third and most deadly attack on Istanbul this year. As the country continues to receive an outpour of support from the international community, there are various ways you can support the community as well.

The Longer Version of It:

As airport goers waited for their security checks yesterday, three terrorists armed with guns and explosives attacked the arrivals hall and a parking lot nearby. As of today, 41 are dead and 239 people were injured. All three of the terrorists detonated suicide vests. While no terrorist groups have claimed the attack yet, the Turkish government suspects the attack might be linked to ISIS. If so, the attack stands as another reminder that the group is a global threat. Last night, Prime Minister Yıldırım reminded the country of the importance of strength in numbers, encouraging them to persist in their strength and unity. His words point out the importance of banding together with countries across the globe.

What This Means For Turkey:

Turkey's years-long battle against ISIS has just gotten worse. With Turkey in talks to join the European Union (yes, the same one the UK is leaving), the attacks on the country, who borders Syria, could undoubtedly raise red flags amongst EU members who also face terrorism concerns of their own.

What You Can Do:

The concept of taking on a militant group like ISIS may seem impossible, but it is possible for you to make waves. As the country moves forward, supporting those who have been emotionally or physically affected by the attack is key.

Here are four simple ways to show support:

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What You Need to Know About What Just Happened In Istanbul