Michelle Obama Is The Moral Compass Every Government Needs

michelle obama

Michelle Obama's call to formation should be heard by all politicians.

She stole our hearts with her rap beats on Carpool Karaoke, inspired us with her education as the first First Lady to hold two Ivy League degrees, and motivated young women and girls across the globe to champion for their own rights. Time and again, Michelle Obama proves herself to be a giant among the men and women of the political realm.

It must then surely be so, that the thought of this behemoth as a U.S. Democratic candidate for the 2020 elections has crossed the minds of Americans. According to polls conducted by the Wall Street Journal and NBC, 59% of people polled view Michelle Obama favorably. She far surpasses every other figure on the national political stage.


The First Lady president, whose resume and education are a true match for her partner and husband President Obama, has emerged as a prudent voice of empathy and inspiration throughout a tumultuous and rather grimy presidential campaign year. Her two speeches over the course of the race of 2016, have had their hands in steering the direction of the election and ratifying her important position in politics and as the moral authority of the race. In a year with too much outspokenness from one end and not enough directness from the other, Michelle Obama's methodical and straight forward words have proved that she is the unsuspected weapon on the campaign trail-- a silent sniper, if you will.


Last week's speech delivered by Michelle was a master-class in how to speak from the heart. Her moving and very personal speech addressed her disgust and exasperation at the lack of "basic human decency" that was witnessed in the recent tapes revealed that displayed Donald Trump's comments and abusive nature towards women. Conservative radio talk show host Glenn Beck summarized her remarks as "the most effective political speech" that he has seen since President Ronald Reagan was in office.


Truth be told, she might have just been the best candidate for the upcoming election this fall. Fingers crossed she'll hear our pleas in 2020.