Millennial Women Don't Care About Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump

According to a poll on Cosmopolitan, They just DGAF. Not a single one.

The Short of It:

Ivanka Trump has long been viewed as Donald Trump's "secret weapon" on attracting female voters for his race towards the white house.

The Longer Version of It:

In the year since declaring his run for the presidency, Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka Trump a business woman who heads her own brand and company, has been viewed as the greatest asset to Trump when gaining the favor of female voters. Throughout his run, Trump's opinions and comments about women have blemished his campaign and isolated a demographic he is starved for. Ivanka Trump's appearance at the RNC was thought to be one that would curtail the damage that stems from his remarks and pitch her father as an advocate for women. During her speech she depicted her father as a "color-blind and gender-neutral" leader of strength, a man who would "fight for equal pay for equal work," who has put into practice the opportunity of equal pay throughout his work.

In working to discover just how much of a draw Ivanka Trump was for women, Cosmopolitan magazine paired with Morning Consult to conduct a survey of almost 3,000 registered voters to see if she was getting women on board. The Answer? Not enough.

The survey revealed that "only 28 percent of women ages 18 to 34 said they had a favorable view of Ivanka Trump, while 42 percent had an unfavorable view."

Here's a look:

Donald Trump's wife Melania, who since the RNC has been accused of plagiarizing a speech by Michelle Obama, isn't making the grade either.

The Takeaway:

Dona'd Trump's gauche and brutish behavior has taken a toll on women voters, especially millennials. Ivanka's presence has only given a him a slim increase in the alienated and highly influential group. It's proof that Trump will have to do significantly more than bring his daughter along with him on the campaign trail to paint over his destruction. And it looks like a simple one on one therapy session won't do.