Mr. Trump Goes To Washington

donald trump
ABC News

Trump calls Obama 'a very good man'

The Short of It:

The countries president- elect, Donald Trump and President Obama sat down together at the White House.

The Short of It:

The first meeting between the two since Tuesday's election sounds like it went well. All the while, voters took to the streets of cities like LA, New York and Chicago. Three days after mocking Trump as unfit to control the codes needed to launch nuclear weapons, Obama faced his successor telling him that wanted him to succeed and would do everything he could to ensure a smooth transition. Trump also met with House Speaker Paul Ryan who butted heads quite a bit with the president-elect during the campaign. At one point he called Trump's comments racist and at another, Trump called Ryan "weak and ineffective." Now, their roles are reversed and Ryan will have to get Trump's support to convinceGOP lawmakers to give him the house speaker job again.

The Takeaway:

Yesterday's meeting appeared to have to set a positive tone for this transition of power. Still, US intelligence officials are giving this report a second...and third...look.