Naked Restaurant Discriminates Against Age and Weight

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Give them only your thin, your young, your modeled masses...

1. Tokyo Restaurant Leaves Bad Taste

The Short of It:

A new restaurant in Tokyo, Japan is leading with poor taste and body discrimination when they open their doors in late July.

The Longer Version of It:

Japan's first "naked restaurant", The Amrita, opens next month but only to those who fall under the repressive categories of not being "too big" "too old", but "just right".

The restaurant's websites provides a list of restrictions upon entry, including weight, body ink and and age. Only patrons between 18 and 60 will be allowed entry and those who weigh in at more than 33 pounds over the average weight for a person of their height will be shown the door. They also have a strict no tattoos police. Oh yeah and cameras are banned from the restaurant too, so there's little hope that your plucky tourist friends will be able to document the cockamamie taking place within the restaurant's walls.

Attendees will be asked to shell out a clean $130 to $261 to wine and dine at the draconian restaurant when they initially make reservations on the restaurant's site. Patrons who don't meet the requirements posted, will be asked to weigh in. Those who make reservations and are refused entry because of a couple of extra pounds or wrinkles will be refused a refund.

The restaurant, which opens on July 29, is similar to other nude restaurants that have opened up around London and Melbourne.

The ~Bare~ Takeaway:

We've heard of body and age discrimination in the work place, but this one takes the cake. Heading to a restaurant that turns away guests for such narrow and superficial standards certainly won't make our list of go-tos. Despite promising a hunky waitstaff (who we can only hope will be wearing clothes) the idea of stepping into a restaurant that requires customers to wear disposable underwear provided by the restaurant gives us all kinds of repellent feels.

Thanks, we'll pass.

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Tokyo Restaurant Leaves Bad Taste