Facebook Accused of Hiding the Elephant in the Room & More


Today we've got: Congress sends Facebook a chat request, West Virginia Berns up and Topanga Lawrence gets a divorce

1. Facebook Accused of Hiding the Elephant in the Room


The Short of It

A U.S. Senate committee requested information from Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, to determine whether or not news curators at the company manipulated its "Trending Topics" column to suppress conservative news topics.

The Longer Version of It

Gizmodo, a tech blog part of Gawker Media, published a report on Monday claiming that news curators for Facebook were instructed to "artificially inject" stories into the site's "Trending" section. Even if they weren't really popular enough to merit inclusion. The anonymous group of curators, who leaked the information to Gizmodo, alleged they took part in deciding what stories appeared in the column. Moreover they claimed that selection often depended on the opinion and interests of supervisors who often favored a liberal agenda.

Later that same day, Facebook exec Tom Stocky, rebutted the claims in a Facebook post. "There are rigorous guidelines in place for the review team to ensure consistency and neutrality," Stocky wrote. "These guidelines do not permit the suppression of political perspective."

Now the Senate wants answers from Facebook whose "Trending Topics" section is popular and influential because of its placement on the website's home page. And well, because their Facebook- a social media site that projects itself as a neutral platform, and advertises content into the feeds of 1.6 billion users.

Why We're Sending 😬 Emojis

First, it's an election year and biased curators, who promote a specific political or social agenda could be a huge turn off to users who've headed to Facebook for a neutral platform to stay up to date. If Facebook is manipulating the news feed of its users and not giving it to them straight they could be off the trending list. Also, getting a chat request from Congress is usually never a walk in the park.

2. West Virginia and Nebraska are Berning


The Short of It

Yesterday's primaries proved people are still feeling the Bern.

The Longer Version of It

Nebraska and West Virginia went to the primary polls yesterday and Bernie Sanders (Democrat - Vermont) took home wins in West Virginia and Nebraska. Despite a close grasp on the Democratic nomination, Clinton is still losing states to Sanders whose rallies continue to draw thousands of supporters.

On the other side, Trump won West Virginia and Nebraska - as presumptive nominee it really wasn't a shocker.

The Takeaway

Clinton's loss in West Virginia, a state with the highest unemployment rates in country, could be a smoke signal that her campaign's tires could hit trouble in the Rust Belt's mud.

3. Brazil's President Has Brazillion Problems


The Short of It

Brazil's senate votes today to determine whether or not President Dilma Rousseff will undergo impeachment proceedings.

The Longer Version of It

President Dilma Rousseff will face an ordeal worse than a Brazilian wax today.

After Brazil's speaker of the lower house confused everyone Monday by annulling the impeachment vote on Brazil's president, Dilma Rousseff, Brazil's senate pushed forward with proceedings anyway. Now, the senate, is voting today on whether impeachment proceedings against her should kick off. If the senate votes in favor of the proceedings, she'll be suspended from office and put on trial.

Rousseff, is accused of manipulating the country's budget to cover up Brazil's economic troubles and promote her re-election.

Why We're Raising Eyebrows

Things are looking pretty bleak for the Brazilian leader who used to be favorable in the country. Fifty of Brazil's 81 senators stated that they would vote in favor of impeachment proceedings.

4. The Episode Where Topanga Got A Divorce


The Short of It

Danielle Fishel, former star of Boy Meets World, divorce from her husband, Tim Belusko, was finalized in March of this year. According to People Magazine, the two kept the separation pretty tightlipped.

The Girl Meets World star married Belusko in 2013 and filed papers for the divorce last year. The couple attended school together at California State University, Fullerton where Fisher tutored him in math.

Why We're Sending 😬 Emojis

Because we cant help but wonder if this means Cory and Topanga are getting back together...

Facebook Accused of Hiding the Elephant in the Room

West Virginia and Nebraska are Berning

Brazil's President Has Brazillion Problems

The Episode Where Topanga Got A Divorce