Supreme Court, Hands Off Control, Plus More

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Today we've got: Supreme Court punting BC problems, Instagram Models getting arrested and Twitter wants you to express yourself

1. Supreme Court Washes Their Hands of Birth Control Conflict

The Short of It:

The Supreme Court announced yesterday that they wouldn't rule on a controversial birth control case, but would pass the deed on to lower courts.

The Backstory:

First Let's back it up.

The Supreme Court heard a case earlier this year that questioned Obamacare's birth control requirement for employers to cover birth control in the healthcare plans that they provide. The federal statute allows outside insurance companies to cover birth control if employers have religious objections to covering the contraceptive. But dozens of religious nonprofits sued anyway, saying that just telling the government and insurance companies of their objections (which would require the government to arrange coverage) made them "complicit" in providing the service they view as sinful and against their beliefs.

That brings us to...

The Longer Version of It:

The Supreme Court basically said they're staying out of it and have since sent the case back to lower courts to figure out. Why? Remember the death of Justice Antonin Scalia? Ever since, the Supreme Court has been split 4-4 between the four Republican appointees and four Democratic appointees. The Justices foresaw another divided decision between the left and right-leaning justices, and decided both sides in the case could find an answer without their help.

Why We're Sending 👀 Emojis:

Yes, we've got our fingers crossed, that the Supreme Court ruling will clear the way to free birth control for women with religious employers. But, right now, our eyes are really set on the the battle in D.C. over who will fill the seat left by Justice Scalia.

2. Instagram Models Arrested In Iran

The Short of It:

Iranian authorities crackdown on social media and arrested eight models who posted photos of themselves without headscarves on Instagram and deleted their accounts deeming them as "un-Islamic."

The Longer Version of It:

Tehran's cybercrime court conducted another on of its sporadic crackdowns on social media, announcing that they had arrested 8 models over the weekend for not wearing mandatory head scarfs and "promoting Western promiscuity." Blogger, Mehdi Abutorabi, 53, who manages publishing tool Persian Blog, was also detained. The arrests are the latest in the Iranian government's attempts to regulate social media participation and is seen as one of various ventures by the government to restrict and hamper online personal expression. The country is known for repeatedly detaining activists, artists and bloggers.

The Takeaway:

The head scarf issue has caused quite a bit of friction between political and influential hard-liners and the growing urbanized and Westernly influenced groups of Iran. The country's laws require all women, foreigners included, to cover their hair as a gesture of respect for morality. As more and more of Iranians become influenced by Western cultures and ways of thinking, many see these crackdowns as last-ditch efforts to protect restrictions.

3. Twitter's Finally Going To Let You Share That Funny Gif Now

The Short of It:

Twitter users with the perfect zings will be happy about this one. According to a Bloomberg report, the social media site is set to stop counting links and photos in its 140 character limit.

The Longer Version of It:

For months, Twitter has teased us with hints that they were considering expanding their character limit. Now, a Bloomberg report has confirmed that Twitter will drop its character limit on photos and links which previously counted towards the 140-character limit. The change looks like it is set to happen in the next upcoming weeks, and will remove one of the more pesky site's headaches.

Currently links and photos can hog up to 24 characters, leaving many with lots to stay limited with their clever thoughts and expressions.

Supreme Court Washes Their Hands of Birth Control Conflict

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Instagram Models Arrested In Iran

Twitter's Finally Going To Let You Share That Funny Gif Now