One Day More: Tomorrow Is Election Day


This never-ending road will make presidential history

The Short of ItL

The FBI announced, yesterday, that Hillary Clinton is officially, again, off the hook for her email drama.

The Longer Version of It:

The long email saga that is the Hillary Clinton email server scandal has finally, finally been resolved. That is, after the FBI had already packed up their bags and called it a day earlier in the summer when they announced that they were finished with the investigation into whether Clinton had mishandled classified information while using a private email server. The FBI gave a no charges recommendation, Clinton washed her hands of the ordeal and we all thought we could move on. That was until last month, when FBI Director James Comey announced that the FBI still had more emails that might have been linked to Clinton and her private email server.

Yesterday, Comey wrote a letter to Congress after reviewing the new emails saying that everything was "all clear" for Clinton. Again, the FBI recommended no charges. A key note: the letter revealed that most of those emails were copies of ones the FBI had already seen.

The Takeaway:

After Comey's initial announcement, Trump gained in the polls. With the announcement coming juts two days before the election, the timing might mean good news for Clinton or an out and out free-for-all. Come what may on Election Day, but one thing the country won't be divided on when the ballots are all in: everyone will be happy to finally get the results on the master of the house.


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