Paul Ryan Just Endorsed Donald Trump

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The Speaker of the House just caved.

1. Paul Ryan Hops on The Trump Bandwagon

The Short of It:

Yesterday, House Speaker Paul Ryan finally ripped off the bandaid, licked his Trump inflicted wounds and accepted defeat.

The Longer Version of It:

The speaker of the House of Representatives set talk of supporting Trump ablaze last month after admitting to CNN's Jake Tapper that he wa s"just not there right now ... We want a standard-bearer that bears our standards."

It wasn't an all out criticism of Trump's nomination, but it certainly revealed his disappointment that he would be leading the Republican party in the general election.

Now after a sip of the Trump Kool-Aid Ryan has had to swallow his own words and has announced he's certain Trump will advance the Republican agenda and that the two have "more common ground than disagreement." As Speaker of the House, Ryan is third in line for the presidency as well as the most influential elected Republican official in the country. His endorsement could encourage hesitant Republican voters to board the Trump Train or it could potentially create more cracks in the party.

Up Next:

California, a key state with a lot of delegates, will head to the polls next week. The primaries will be an opportunity for Republicans to gage the strength of the party's voter turnout. For Democrats, the results are up in the air on whether Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton will win "The Golden State".

Paul Ryan Hops on The Trump Bandwagon