State Department Puts Clinton's Emails On Blast

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Today we've got: Hillary Clinton's inbox looking uglier than yours after you accidentally sign up for a news letter.

1. Federal Audit Says Hillary Clinton Is At Fault For Private Email Server


The Short of It:

Wednesday, a State Department review said Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton's email setup during her time as Secretary of State wasn't so kosher.

The Longer Version of It:

If you haven't already heard, Hillary Clinton's been under fire from opponents for her email etiquette during her period as Secretary of State. Over a year ago, the media caught wind of Clinton's use of a personal email account on a private server to communicate with State Department staffers and people went bananas. The question of whether classified information could have been leaked became a huge issue and both the State Department and the FBI have been sussing out Clinton, her staff and the emails since. Meanwhile, Clinton has continued to defend her email practices as being legitimate.

In yesterday's publicized State Department review, it was revealed that Clinton had actually never asked for permission to use a private server, and that if she had her request would have been quickly rejected. The review also revealed several attempts to hack Clinton's private server, all incidents of which the State Department had never been informed about. A key note: the review also noted that former Secretary of State Colin Powell and other state officials also used personal accounts for official business. Which means her email practices, though potentially insecure and ill-judged, were consistent with the practices of other top officials. Whether or not these emails make Clinton a law breaker or just a rule breaker is still a bit murky. Simply based on the report which came from an administrative inquiry and not a criminal investigation, Clinton won't be prosecuted, but if the FBI digs up anything during their separate criminal investigation ( which is underway) that could prove mishandling of classified information she might have to answer to some serious charges.

What To Takeaway:

Clinton's failure to manage her emails and record them appropriately is clearly a huge shortcoming on her part but officials informed the Washington Post that "their investigation so far has found little evidence that Clinton maliciously flouted classification rules." While Clinton is still the likely Democratic nominee, her trail of e-mails now has potential to affect her campaign.

Federal Audit Says Hillary Clinton Is At Fault For Private Email Server