Taylor Swift Is Dating Loki And Now The World Is a Mess

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TSwift loki-ing for love.

1. Did Taylor Swift Just Fill Up Her Blank Space? WARNING: Thor Puns Ahead


Those dedicated to TSwift know all too well that she doesn't spend a lot of time delving on whether or not to get back together with an ex. She'd rather make bad guys good for a weekend than drown in a puddle of Ben & Jerry's like some of us.

While the rest of us are still reeling from the breakup of Tayvin, who we were pretty sure were meant to be after setting Instagram summer standards with their abundance of swan floatie and vacation photos, it looks like Taylor is ready to move on. Now the internet is freaking out over whether or not Taylor is or is not in a relationship with someone new.

As true Tay fans we'll support her for getting off the bleachers. But what is this???


Oh it's Taylor Swift with the God of Lies and Mischief AKA Tom Hiddleston. We see you Tom.

We all knew about Taylor staying up all night to get Loki last month at the Met Gala when she was still with Calvin. Some even suspected that her little spin on the dance floor with Hiddleston might have been the reason for her break up with the Scottish D.J.. Especially after Hiddleston went on in an interview to describe Taylor as "very charming" and "amazing."

If you don't remember the break up. Earlier this month, Calvin and Taylor split. (Crushing, we know.) Calvin sent out a nice tweet telling us that the two still had a "huge amount of love and respect" for each other, and Taylor retweeted it. And somehow, within a month of her dance with Hiddleston at the Met, our rock solid musical duo, who'd once described their relationship as "magical", was no more.

And just when we thought we'd be able to let it go and come to terms with the fact that true love can take on many different forms, Calvin DELETED the heartfelt tweet and did this.


And then he unfollowed Taylor, unfollowed her brother and deleted all his photos with the singer. ~Fingers crossed you took screenshots of those before they disappeared.~

So now the internet is losing it, with everyone wondering just how long Taylor and Thor's enemy have been seeing each other and whether or not we should call the Tayvin break up amicable anymore.


As of now, nothing's been confirmed by the singer.


But we can't help but think...


What the Hiddleston is going on?

Woe is our modern digital world when a Taylor Swift fan can't get a confirmation on what just exactly she's doing with Thor's enemy, just a few weeks after announcing a break up with our favorite D.J..

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Did Taylor Swift Just Fill Up Her Blank Space? WARNING: Thor Puns Ahead