The 4 Types of Donald Trumps Every Woman Meets In Her Life

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There's something about this guy that reminds me of someone...

It's no surprise when Donald Trump opens his mouth and offends an entire group of people anymore. The presidential candidate has aimed his misogynist target at women various times calling them insulting and vial things, particular in the past year where he has described them as "crazy," " flat-chested" and "pigs".

In 1992 he told New York Magazine that women had to be treated "like shit."

For women living in 2016, as repugnant and offensive as his words are, they're not words we haven't encountered before.

That's because the first time you actually met Donald Trump was when you were...

A kid

He was a kid in your first grade class. He did things that other teachers and parents told you were because "he liked you" like pulling your hair and making fun of you because your underwear stuck out of your pants. Your teachers had to tell you and the other girls to "ignore" him calling you ugly because "were they true? Then why get upset?". He made fun of the girls in your class who weren't white and teased anyone who wasn't packing the "American" lunch his mother made him. Like Pizza. Peanut butter sandwiches. Hot dogs. (Note: All food items aren't from the USA, ya jerk.)

The second time? It's in...

High School

He's your math teacher, your science teacher, your track coach. "He" could actually be a "she," because her whole life everyone else told her that she couldn't be a physicist, a doctor, an anthropologist, a mathematician because she "didn't have the brain for science" She tells you, the girl who cares more about getting good grades than nailing a boyfriend, that there are "other" things you could find an interest in. Like maybe art could be your thing?

The second time is...

In College

Well actually, you know him from a couple of years back. Elementary school maybe Middle school. Back then he used to think snapping girls' bras was funny and jabbing you in the rib to see you squirm was his favorite past time. Now when you meet him at a party, he's cute. His charming personality almost get you, but then he calls you that "nickname" he gave you back then. He asks if "you've lost weight?" The whole night he tries negging as a means of getting your attention.

The third time is at your first job.

He's your boss

His name is Dick. Literally. His name is indicator of the older generation he comes from, but initially you try to give him credit. He draws you in by telling you that he really does believe in your work. That's before he comments on your skirt while you're leaving the office. He says things like "I know it's not your job, but can you get me a coffee from the kitchen?" and asks you to write his notes because you have the best handwriting in your male dominant office. He sets the office thermostat to 61 degrees, asks if you got a hair cut every time he sees you and calls women who don't make deals with him "bimbos".

After you've finally left your job, gotten over those cruel names and nailed Organic Chemistry in college, you've finally forgotten about the Donald Trumps of the world. That is until some oaf starts making claims about the president of the United States birth records. You're disgusted but take it in stride, after all no one takes that guy seriously. Then he starts getting an audience. People say that they can actually relate to this guy and he actually, actually wins the primaries.

The thing is, it'll make you crazy. It'll completely dishearten you that so many people in the country that you grew up in could be so immature, cruel and rogue from the values that you have been taught and developed. Well, hey girl. Brush it off. Remember that in a world full of Donalds you have to be a Hillary.

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