The Democratic Party is Suing The Republican Party Over Trump's Claims

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Insisting the democracy is rigged is a tricky business.

The Short of It:

On Wednesday, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) filed a lawsuit against the Republican National Committee (RNC) over Donald Trump's claims that the election system is "rigged" against him.

The Longer Version of It:

In an election year packed with more twist, turns and drama than "Lost" we can't all be surprised that this one is happening. With the election less than two weeks away, the DNC's suit against the RNC poses various implications.

According to CNN, the lawsuit argues that the RNC has not put forth a better effort to stop Trump's dangerous corruption claims which could have very grave ramifications for the country. In their suit the DNC argues that Trump's claims could affect the voter turnout in minority communities. Lindsay Walters, the national spokesperson for the RNC, called the suit "completely meritless."

We all already know what the suit is talking about. It's about the alleged Bernie Sanders inspired statements that Trump has been pushing for the past several weeks in an attempt to discredit the election. Trump has claimed the media has been against him from the start of his campaign. But recently, the GOP candidate has become more and more vocal about his claims since sexual assault allegations against him came to light a few weeks ago, causing his campaign to take a steep downturn. In the past weeks, the GOP candidate has insisted that the media and polling systems have been "rigged" against him in order to benefit his opponent Hillary Clinton. His tweets about the alleged corruption (which pop up with extreme frequency) often use the hashtag "#DrainTheSwamp". The allegations coupled with his social media hype have worked in an attempt to position Trump as the "new-in-town" outsider who will head to D.C., and turn things around.

The DNC's lawsuit against the RNC claims that the Republican committee failed in their obligation to discredit Trump's claims. According to the Washington Post Trump has gone so far as to ensure that the election isn't rigged against him, that he has attempted to procure "ballot observers" — if that sounds familiar to you it is. It's a lot like the Jim Crow laws of the late 1800s and mid 1900s which attempted to disenfranchise black voters in the South by incorporating obstacles like intimidation, poll taxes and literacy tests. Quite a step back from the forward thinking attitude of our country these days. While the RNC has publicly criticized and insisted their opposition to the practice, the DNC says that the GOP's talk isn't enough.

The Takeaway:

What the suit can do with just 13 days left in the election is still up in the air. Trump's fist slamming insistence that the democracy of our country is rigged has certainly already affected the faith of voters in our country who are in support of Trump and those like your friends who insist their vote doesn't matter. Nonetheless, the suit is a striking attempt to disprove that.