The New 'Beauty And The Beast' Live-Action Trailer Is Here!

beauty and the beast

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Fans who fell in love with the classic Disney tale as old as time, have been wondering endlessly what the new live-action Beauty And The Beast would like. Now, the official Beauty And The Beast trailer for the new live-action version is finally here, and it's answering so many questions.

In the latest trailer released this morning, we see The Beast (portrayed by Dan Stevens), and the greatest hosts of the classic including Ewan McGregor's Lumiere, Emma Thompson's Mrs. Potts, and Ian McKellan's Cogsworth all in action. In an interview with Bustle, director Bill Condon told the site why the animated versions of the characters will remind us so much of the people who play them.

"We did the voice but we also shot the characters as they did it. I didn't want to do — we could have done a regular Ewan McGregor face inside of Lumiere but that didn't seem right. It seemed a little creepy actually," he told Bustle.

Condon also revealed that quite a bit of work into making the Beast a reality. Animators worked tirelessly to capture Steven's swoon-worthy, romantic-lead facial expressions despite being... well, a beast.

"We did use this process that's pretty uncommon, where he didn't have those dots across his face as we were shooting or anything impeding him while we were shooting," Condon said. "It was just Dan's face that Emma and everyone got to play with. And then at night, he would go and recreate that performance in this big machine, where his face was sprayed so that absolutely every pore of his skin was captured."

All of it totally comes through in the quick clips we see of The Beast in the new trailer. Good thing too. You don't bring Matthew Crawley to the show and then keep his face out of it. It would just be awful