This Purse Is The Black and Blue Dress 2.0 And It Has The Internet Divided

purse, white purse

People are crying all over again about this one.

It's happening!


You'll remember that photo of "Dressgate" that went viral back in 2015 that had social media in a fury over whether the dress was black and blue or white and gold. The phenomenon which widen our eyes to the differences in human colour perception sparked various questions and peer-reviewed science journals. That's right. A simple dress (some say simple, we say tacky...) occupied the thoughts of ACTUAL neuroscientists and professors.

Well folks, it's happening again.

This time around, it's a handbag. The new debate started yesterday and went viral today after Taylor Corso (@whyofcorso) shared a photo of a Kate Spade purse on twitter with the caption "Everyone say hello to my new baby." A follower replied "White. Daring." Corso replied: "it's blue."

Thus started what appears to be now a bi-annual unwritten tradition: a new debate on the color of a fashion item and the world was given #mybag.


To clarify the bag that might appear as white to you, is actually a "mystic blue" color, and there's some legitimate reasons as to why it is causing such a foofaraw.

For one, it might be your screen. Check the image on your smartphone and then your computer. Prepare to have your mind blown.

There's also a phenomenon called color constancy that has its hands in this one-- that is to say, your perception of a color can be altered surroundings and the context that its in.

Still, not everyone is convinced.


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