The Second Debate: Who Won?

hillary clinton, donald trump

In which Trump tried to air Clinton's dirty laundry.

The Short of It:

Last night, an orange man stalked a woman on stage as she tried to dodge questions about her past.

**The Longer Version of It:

Last night, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump kicked off the second of three presidential debates by eschewing a longstanding tradition of shaking hands, instead opting to get right down to business with the town hall-style debate moderated by Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz. The ugly things only went down from there.

The debate immediately launched into the 2005 recording that came out over the weekend and revealed Trump's crude sexual comments about women. During his response, the GOP candidate called the incident "locker room talk" and took the opportunity to take both of the Clinton's to task, accusing Bill Clinton of sexually abusing women and accusing Hillary Clinton of laughing at 12 year-old girl who had been sexually assaulted by a client she had defended back in her earlier career. All of this, just hours after Trump had held a press conference with women who had accused Hillary's husband of sexual assault.

While Trump didn't manage to put Clinton on blast for her more vulnerable spots (her move for open borders was a plan that only came to light this past Friday after a WikiLeaks release), he did make solid points throughout the debate, specifically on his call to reform the tax code, which he has admitted to benefiting form after news of his 90s bankruptcy came to late.

On topics concerning her character, Trump got personal. He called Clinton "the devil," and that if he were elected he'd elect a special prosecutor to have her jailed, he also claimed she had "tremendous hate in her heart." Clinton jabbed back, working to highlight the tapes as a reflection of who Donald Trump was and also attaching his various claims to buck Muslims out of the country during his tenure.

The Takeaway:

Many are looking at this debate as the temporary plug on the massive leak in supporters that began to pour out after Trump's recent tape scandal. On the whole, Trump was more aggressive and pointed at his digs towards Clinton but still did not seam to take a turn on his attitude towards women, Muslims and Russia. While Clinton put a spotlight on how his policies and "temperament" make for dangerous foreign policies and only work to undercut America's fundamental democratic traditions-- she didn't do it with quite as much force as she could have. The winner of this debate? People are saying it was actually the town-hall audience who forced the two candidates to observe themselves. Namely the guy at the end who asked the candidates if they respected anything about each other. His question was a reminder that words do matter.