We Don't Talk Anymore: Russia and US Go Radio Silent

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This conversation is over.

The Short of It:

The US announced Monday that it didn't want to talk to Russia right now and that it was "suspending its participation in bilateral channels with Russia" which had been planned during the short-lived calming of hostilities in Syria.

The Longer Version of It:

Yesterday, the White House announced it would be suspending talks with Russia that were meant to surround bringing an end to Syria's five-year-long civil war. Note on this issue: Russia sides with the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, while the US shows its alliance with the moderate rebels who are pushing to have Assad out of power. During the process of the war, the country has seen nearly half a million people killed, millions of refugees fleeing their homes and flocking to the EU. You might remember seeing various images of these people and the children they are taking with them who have been caught up in the chaos. While the international community had been attempting help referee and find a way to negotiate peace in Syria for years, the US and Russian relationship hasn't improved either. Last month, the US and Russia negotiated a cease-fire, and yesterday that ended.

Here's what happened:

The US claims that in an attempt to carryout airstrikes against ISIS, it's military accidentally struck Syrian troops. (Kind of a big mistake). The Syrian government and Russia quickly launched attacks on the rebel-held city of Aleppo and have killed hundreds of people and destroyed various hospitals. That's where the end to the peace talks came in, the US said 'this isn't working' and pulled out on the conversation with Russia.

The Takeaway:

The UN's special envoy for Syria, came out yesterday and said that he "deeply regrets" the fact that the US-Russia peace talks "did not reach a positive conclusion." He also pointed out that "The UN will continue to push energetically for a political solution of the Syrian conflict regardless of the very disappointing outcome of intense and long discussions among two crucial international stakeholders." Point blank: The stand off between the two world powers isn't anymore comforting.