Why Ken Bone Should Be This Country's First Winning 3rd Party Candidate

ken bone

Not that you need more than one...

Just who really won the town hall presidential debate last night? His name is Kenneth Bone but you can call him Ken.

He was one of many audience members on stage for last night's town hall-style debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, seated because he hasn't quite yet seen the light and realized he needed to vote for Hillary. Still, we can't fault him for his undecidedness. Especially after he stole America's heart last night and proved himself to be the country's truest national treasure- worthy of presidency and yet so far and above the country's grasp and deservedness level.

The 34 year-old operator at a coal plant in Illinois gained tons of attention after everyone took note of his vibrant red sweater and likeness to a Toy Story character. In the midst and muck of the presidential candidate's aggressive responses and tone, Ken went for the gulls and asked a straightforward policy question at the end 90-minute live broadcast.

"What steps will your energy policy take to meet our energy needs while at the same time remaining environmentally friendly and minimizing job layoffs?" he asked.

Bone was instantly launched into the social media spotlight and thus an internet meme was born and a call for him to run as a third party candidate was shouted 'round the world.

But we're not looking at this question or his red sweater as proof that he's got the chops for the commander-in-chief seat.

We love his honesty.

Yesterday in an interview with CNN Bone got honest.

In the interview Bone told host Carol Costello that he "went from, last night, having seven Twitter followers, two of which were my grandmother…to now, I have several hundred. And I don't know why they care what I have to say, but I'm glad they're engaged in the political process."

Let's here it for the boy!