Why Plastic Surgery Shaming Needs to Stop

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Pull yourself together guys.

It's simple to criticize someone for a decision they make when we don't understand their circumstances. There's a huge social stigma around the prospect of having plastic surgery. So much so, that many people choose to go hush hush with it. Instead of embracing a major decision the've made for themselves, they do it on the down-low or outrightly deny having it completely. Take a look at celebrities like Britney Spears and Beyoncé who've done the slow fade of plastic surgery to avoid criticism and clearly undergone cosmetic alterations but do it quietly over the years. Or, Renée Zellweger who faced so much criticism and shaming from tabloids and even reputed magazines like TIME for her own procedures. For some reason, when a person makes a decision to have cosmetic alteration, we think that their choice becomes fair game for judgement.

Here's why it's gotta stop:

The Insecurity Factor


There's a stigma that comes with getting plastic surgery that suggests a person is dissatisfied with who they are, that they have major insecurities and dissatisfactions with the way they look. It seems as if people prey on this insecurity factor but go onto parade around a sad internal issue as if it were entertainment. There's also the fact that not all cosmetic procedures are done because a person is dissatisfied with how they look. Take Lady Gaga's horns for instance. The songstress ubdoutbabledy had to know she was beautiful before having the prosthetics applied

That brings us to...

When Plastic Surgery Becomes Artistic Expression


In an interview conducted by Harper's Bazaar, the Born This Way singer described the sharp bones that protruded from her shoulders, cheekbones, and temples as "a performance-art piece." What's interesting though is thinking about the world of Drag without plastic surgery. For those who use plastic surgery to further perfect their craft, what would the world look like with performance artists like them looking a little less like Cher.

We've All Played The Body Modification Game


High lights, belly button piercings and tattoos aren't too much in the way different from the changes people who use plastic surgery and those who modify their body. It's obvious that people didn't come popping into the world with ear lobes and a tongue ring. Maybe you didn't rush off to Clair's and get your nose piercing in 9th grade. Good for you.

It's Still Just Not Your Business...

What someone does to their body isn't really any of your business. Let's say these changes are purely cosmetic, that the person who makes these changes are insecure and perhaps conceited. What's it to you? If anything, you should be more aware of this sensitivity and as opposed to causing greater damage by shaming them for a huge commitment they've made, give them a break and just accept them. It's really no business of your own anyways.

Plastic Surgery Isn't Just Cosmetic, It Can Have Medical Factors Too


Some people really do have deviated septums that can cause health problems. Others might do reconstructive surgery to help them recover from a trauma. There's also people who in the transgender community who use plastic surgery as a way to fully realize their own gender. Be careful of who you wag your finger to.

Body Policing Is a HUGE Problem


Telling someone what they should be doing with their body is widely out of line and not your place. We've all fallen victim to the easy punches that come with hopping board the tease train, but it's important to note that doling out opinions on people's choices on body alterations is a pretty easy downward spiral into body policing. It's time we stop thinking that we can dictate what others can and cant do with their bodies.

It Makes People Feel Better


That's the most important thing we should take away from a person's decision to have plastic surgery. If it makes them feel better and they're not hurting anyone then so be it. While on the surface it might not seem like a body positive act, the decision to have plastic surgery can potentially make someone feel more positive about who they are.

The truth is who have no idea why a person might choose to alter their appearance by having a cosmetic procedure, thus there really isn't a reason to feel like we have to shame them for it.