Hillary Claims Franco As Her Own

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James Franco finally endorses the presidential nominee.

Funny man Franco has finally announced who he'll be voting for this presidential election.


In the most Franco-way possible, James takes a play on the infamous Most Interesting Man In The World.

To announce that he is officially backing the first female presidential nominee, Franco released a 30-second promo video playing off of the notorious Dos Equis advertisements. In the video, Franco explains why Clinton is the best woman for the job while a slew of old photos and videos take over the screen. He continues by saying, "The smartest guy in the room is always her. After she opens a can of whoop-ass she always recycles the can. Her secret service code name is Hermione because she is a f**cking wizard…She's the most interesting woman in the world."

The endorsement, which was launched by EMILY's List WOMEN VOTE!, Schlep Laps, and Priorities USA describes how Clinton has been preparing for this for her entire life. He continues to say, "It is not a stretch to describe her as ‘the most interesting woman in the world. I got involved in this project because I wanted more people, particularly younger people, to get to know an extraordinary woman who has, through a lifetime a work, earned our trust and support."

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P.S. Go vote. Seriously.