Posh Spice Brings Her Designs To Target

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Victoria Beckham for Target y'all!

Since the '90s, Victoria Beckham has been a fashion icon for all of us. Her Posh Spice days had us all thinking about the days we could rock a sleek bob and understanding the importance of owning the most perfect LBD.

We fell in love with her sass, her poise and her mysterious ability to really have it all. (David Beckham included)


Now, several of her designs are totally drool-worthy but they come with a pretty price tag. Her 2016 Resort Collection costs anywhere between $500-$4000 per item. For years, her designs have been available at stores like Barney's; however, Beckham is ready to make a change and dive into an entirely new world of fashion.


Today, Target made the official announcement that they have teamed up with the esteemed fashion designer for a collection that will be released in April 9, 2017. In the past, Target has done designer collaborations with other major names like Jason Wu, Oscar de la Renta and Zac Posen. When it came to making the decision to team up with Beckham, she was definitely on board. In an interview with Target.com, the celebrity designer said: "For a while now, I have been thinking how great it would be to work on clothes for a customer that either doesn't want to pay or can't pay designer prices. I loved the idea of opening the brand up to a wider audience and being able to share my vision with a broader customer base. So when Target—a company based on accessibility and inclusiveness—proposed a collaboration which combined all of these things, it was an easy decision to make." She continued to explain that Target has provided her with a very unique opportunity to connect with families across the U.S. and detailed that, "In order to do something well, you need to surround yourself with the right people, and the Target team members have been the right people for me."

Obviously proud of her new line, Beckham is working with Target to get fashion-forward shoppers excited about her new affordable line. She wants to be able to give these women the opportunity to dress how they want at a price they can afford. "From the outset of my brand, I have always designed clothes that I want to wear, and that's exactly what I have done here."

This collection will include 200+ pieces including styles for women, girls and even babies. The price range will start at $6 and peak at $70 with the majority of the prices landing under $40. Now, with an obvious high demand, these pieces will be first come first serve. The collection will launch on April 9 and will be available until April 30 or while supplies last at Target stores or online at Target.com.


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