Women Are Wearing Pant Suits To Support Hillary Clinton

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Across America, women near and far are planning to wear pantsuits to support Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election. Clinton, famous for her own pantsuits, will be working hard to win the election while her supporters have their very own "Hillaryween"


The movement, originally reported by The Wall Street Journal was started by Libby Chamberlain. The 33-year-old has recruited thousands of other women to join her by donning pantsuits on November 8. A Facebook page with 609,00+ members was created for this day, claiming that November 8 will now be known as "National Pantsuit Day." In order to become a part of the group, members must share stories of their admiration for the first female candidate and detail their own plans for how they'll support Hillz next week.

Chamberlain told The Wall Street Journal, "There is a literal pantsuit thing happening, which does not involved shopping for some and rummaging around in closets for others, but so much more important is the idea that we can take this symbol of feminism and the struggle for equality and own it. Literally wear it to the polls."

Unshockingly, some group members are finding it difficult to find a pantsuit of their own. One woman spoke about how she wasn't allowed to wear pants to work when she was young and then when they became a fashion trend in the 70s, she gathered an entire closet full. Recently, she decided to donate all but a few so that women could wear some of the original styles.

A friend of the Facebook group founder told Chamberlain that she "went out right away and bought a white pantsuit," she continued by saying she is "so excited to wear it on November 8."' In total, the pantsuit only cost her $8 at Goodwill... #bargain

Kevin Jones, museum curator for the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in LA describes the pantsuit as "the power suit." He says that the women's movement of the 1970s "was a really heady time of a woman wearing whatever she wanted to wear." Clinton has worn the power suit well, and even added "pantsuit aficionado" to her Twitter bio.

In a time of disagreement, we can all gather together and agree on one thing: Hillary Clinton makes pantsuits look damn good.

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