The One Other Sign Every Zodiac Sign Shouldn't Date

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These combinations will most definitely lead to heartbreak!

Aries & Cancer

Aries are fiery and their tempers extend outward. Cancer is one of the more introverted signs and this combination does not bring out their best qualities. Aries will feel bored with the more conservative Cancer who will in turn feel pressured by the ever determined Aries. In some cases an extrovert and an introvert can find love, however that is not the case for these signs!

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Taurus & Aquarius


Taurus and Aquarius may not seem like entirely different signs. An outsider would probably assume that they would get along just fine. But the truth is, Aquarius are naturally progressive and independent. They don't require permission to seek out their own goals. But Taurus are practical and extremely devoted, two things that Aquarius does not ask of or require. What could a Taurus have to do in a relationship where they are never needed?

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Gemini & Virgo

While Gemini can be attracted to a Virgo's wit, they are not traditionally a good match. Virgo can provide stability for the often flighty Gemini, but they will eventually become frustrated by the twin sign's insatiable silliness. Gemini are indecisive, constantly flip flopping between two ideas, and Virgo have no patience for time wasters so they typically won't even bother sticking around.

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Leo & Scorpio

The fact is this, there is no room at center stage for two. Scorpio requires that others fall in step behind them, they need support and the occasional friendly ear. But Leo has a hunger for the spotlight too and they are natural born leaders with a thirst for success. Plain and simply, these signs are just too similar to ever make it work.

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Libra & Capricorn

While both signs are polite and generally fair minded, the difference lies in one crucial area; self sacrifice. Libra want balance and harmony, so they will often give up their personal preferences in order to make something work. Capricorn are the other side of the coin, they want order and harmony, and they believe their direction will achieve that. Those conflicting ideals combined with the antisocial nature of Capricorn make these signs a recipe for heartbreak.

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Sagittarius & Pisces

Screen Gems

Sagittarius love to throw 100% of their energy into an idea, while Pisces tend to hold back (or hold out) and wait for something better. Honestly, Pisces are wildly indecisive and their tendency to daydream puts them in this weird place of wanting to do everything and nothing at the same time. Sagittarius can't live this way and they will instinctively let go of anyone they feel holds them back.

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